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MCUP Titles A-Z

A New Conception of War
John Boyd, The U.S. Marines, and Maneuver Warfare
By Ian T. Brown


Acknowledging Limits
Police Advisors and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan
By William Rosenau



Alone and Unafraid
By Lieutenant Colonel David A. Benhoff


Al-Anbar Awakening
Volume 1, American Perspectives
U.S. Marines and Counterinsurgency in Iraq, 2004-2009
By Chief Warrant Officer-4 Timothy S. McWilliams and Lieutenant Colonel Kurtis P. Wheeler


Al-Anbar Awakening
Volume 2, Iraqi Perspectives
From Insurgency to Counterinsurgency in Iraq, 2004-2009
By Colonel Gary W. Montgomery and Chief Warrant Officer-4 Timothy S. McWilliams



Al-Qaida after Ten Years of War
A Global Perspective of Successes, Failures, and Prospects

By Norman Cigar and Stephanie E. Kramer



Al-Qaida, the Tribes, and the Government
Lessons and Prospects for Iraq's Unstable Triangle
By Norman Cigar




Among Heroes
A Marine Corps Rifle Company on Peleliu

First Sergeant Jack R. Ainsworth




Among the People
U.S. Marines in Iraq

By Lieutenant Colonel David A. Benhoff


An Annotated Guide to Tactics
Carl von Clausewitz's Theory of the Combat
Edited and annotated by Olivia A. Garard




Applications in Operational Culture
Perspectives from the Field

By Paula Holmes-Eber, Patrice M. Scanlon, and Andrea L. Hamlen




Aspects of Leadership
Ethics, Law, and Spirituality
By Carroll Connelley and Paolo Tripodi


The Best-Laid Schemes
A Tale of Social Research and Bureaucracy
By Seymour J. Deitchman




Boots and Suits
Historical Cases and Contemporary Lessons in Military Diplomacy

Edited by Ambassador Philip S. Kosnett (Ret)




Case Studies in Operational Culture
By Paula Holmes-Eber and Major Marcus J. Mainz




China's Emerging National Security Interests and Their Impact on the People's Liberation Army
By Murray Scot Tanner and Peter W. MacKenzie




Coalition Leadership
Lessons Learned While Commanding A NATO Brigade in Afghanistan

By Colonel James L. Creighton, USA (Ret)




Complex Terrain
Megacities and the Changing Character of Urban Operations

By Benjamin M. Jensen, Henrik Breitenbach, and Brandon Valeriano




Confronting Security Challenges on the Korean Peninsula
By Bruce E. Bechtol Jr.





Considering Russia
Emergence of a Near Peer Competitor
By Matthew R. Slater, Michael Purcell, and Andrew M. Del Gaudio

Counterinsurgency Leadership in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Beyond
By Nicholas J. Schlosser and James M. Caiella




The Crisis of the African State
Globalism, Tribalism, and Jihadism in the Twenty-First Century
Edited by Anthony N. Celso and Robert Nalbandov



Culture General Guidebook
Globally Applicable Concepts and Skills for Military Professionals

Kerry Fosher, PhD, and Lauren Mackenzie, PhD,
with contributing authors Erika Tarzi, Kristin Post, Eric Gauldin, and Gregory (Chip) Marshall



Destination Unknown
Volume 1, Spring 2019




Destination Unknown
Volume 2, Fall 2020




Destination Unknown
Volume 3, Summer 2022




Destination Unknown
Volume 4, Winter 2023/24




The Dilemma of Lawlessness
Organized Crime, Violence, Prosperity, and Security along Guatemala's Borders
By Ralph Espach, Daniel Haering, Javier Meléndez Quiñonez, and Miguel Castillo Giron



Disaster Labs
How American States Use Partnerships to Manage the Unthinkable
By Austen D. Givens


Forging Wargamers
A Framework for Professional Military Education
Edited by Sebastian J. Bae



From Hegemony to Competition
Marine Perspectives on Expeditionary Advanced Basing Operations
edited by Matthew R. Slater




From the Major to the Missus
Letters from the War in Vietnam, October 1966 to October 1967

written by Major Ray B. Stice to Elizabeth “Gig” Stice
transcribed and edited by Robin Stice Maroney with John M. Curatola, PhD



The End of Don't Ask, Don't Tell
The Impact in Studies and Personal Essays by Service Members and Veterans
By J. Ford Huffman and Tammy S. Schultz


A Game of Hare & Hounds
An Operational-level Command Study of the Guilford Courthouse Campaign,
18 January-15 March 1781

By Harold Allen Skinner Jr.



Information Warfare
Forging Communication Strategies for Twenty-first Century Operational Environments
By James P. Farwell


The Iranian Puzzle Piece
Understanding Iran in the Global Context
By Amin Tarzi




Iwo Jima and the Bonin Islands in U.S.-Japanese Relations
American Strategy, Japanese Territory, and the Islanders In-Between
By Robert D. Eldridge



Khaos Company
A Commander's Account and Lessons Learned from the 2019 MAGTF Warfighting Exercise
By Captain Matthew S. Hanks, USMC, with Williamson Murray, PhD




Marines at War
Stories from Afghanistan and Iraq
Edited by Paolo G. Tripodi and Kelly Frushour




The Marine Corps War College Strategy Primer



The Marine Corps War College Strategy Primer
Expanded Edition


Marines in Crisis
The Cold Transformation of the U.S. Marine Corps, 1947- 1995

By Charles P. Neimeyer, PhD



The Mud and the Mirth
Marine Cartoonist in World War I

By Cord Scott


New Approaches to Nonstate Armed Actors
Edited by Kenneth H. Williams




Oil & War
How the Deadly Struggle for Fuel in World War II Meant Victory or Defeat
By Robert Goralski and Russell W. Freeburg 




On Contested Shores
The Evolving Role of Amphibious Operations in the History of Warfare
Edited by Timothy Heck and B.A. Friedman



On Contested Shores
The Evolving Role of Amphibious Operations in the History of Warfare

Volume 2
Edited by Timothy Heck and B.A. Friedman
, and Walker D. Mills


On the Ground in Afghanistan
Counterinsurgency in Practice
By Jerry Meyerle, Megan Katt, and Jim Gavrilis


Operational Culture and the Warfighter
Principles and Applications
By Barak A. Salmoni and Paula Holmes-Eber




Pacifist to Padre
The World War II Memoir of Chaplain Roland B. Gittelsohn, December 1941-January 1946
Edited by Donald M. Bishop



Patterns of Influence
Strategic Culture Case Studies and Conclusions
Edited by Matthew R. Slater




Phase Line Attila
The Amphibious Campaign for Cyprus, 1974
Edward J. Erickson and Mesut Uyer



Political Warfare
Strategies for Combatting China's Plan to "Win without Fighting"
Kerry K. Gershaneck



Preparing for an Era of Persistent Conflict
By Tammy S. Schultz



Power Projection
Proceeding from the 2022 Strategic Landpower Symposium

Edited by Colonel Gregory Cantwell, William Barry, and Major Justin Magula




The Race with No Finish Line
Assessing the Strategy of Regional Great Power Competition

By Martin Skold


Raging Waters
China, India, Bangladesh, Brahmaputra River Politics
By Nilanthi Samaranayake, Satu Limaye, Joel Wuthnow




Rethinking the Drone War
National Security, Legitimacy, and Civilian Casualties in U.S. Counterterrorism Operations
By Larry Lewis and Diane Vavrichek



Rethinking the Middle East in Transition
Edited by Kenneth Williams




The Rise and Decline of U.S. Military Culture Programs, 2004-20
Edited by Kerry B. Fosher, PhD, and Lauren Mackenzie, PhD



Saddam Hussein's Nuclear Vision
An Atomic Shield and Sword for Conquest
By Norman Cigar




Shared Experience
Organizational Culture and Ethos at the U.S. Marine Corps Basic School, 1924-41

By Jennifer L. Mazzara, PhD




Strategic Water
Iraq and Security Planning in the Euphrates-Tigris Basin
By Frederick Lorenz and Edward J. Erickson, PhD




Strategic Water
Iraq and Security Planning in the Euphrates-Tigris Basin, Expanded Edition

By Frederick Lorenz and Edward J. Erickson, PhD​




The Trillion Dollar War
The U.S. Effort to Rebuild Afghanistan, 1999–2021

By Abid Amiri


U.S. Marines and Irregular Warfare, 1989-2007
Anthology and Selected Bibliography
By Colonel Stephen S. Evans




Warfare in Peacetime: Proxies and State Powers
By Christopher C. Harmon, PhD




Wargaming Waterloo
By Charles J. Esdaile, PhD



War, Will, and Warlords
Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan and Pakistan, 2001-2011
By Robert M. Cassidy

Women, Peace, & Security in Professional Military Education
Edited by Lauren Mackenzie, PhD; and Lieutenant Colonel Dana Perkins, PhD





What It Means to Be a Man
How to Become a Better Person

by Major General Bill Mullen (Ret)




Wotan's Workshop
Military Experiments Before World War II
By Brian McCue


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