Commandant's Professional Reading List

The Marine Corps has a long history of encouraging its servicemembers to educate themselves on not just the history of the Corps but about the larger world around them. In 1989, the reading list was codified, and since then, each Commandant has issued their Commandant’s Professional Reading List to improve Marines’ understanding of the military profession, the nature of warfare, and develop decision-making and critical-thinking skills. To support the endeavor for lifelong learning, the list is divided into subtopics: Commandant's Choice, Profession of Arms, Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, Foundational, Podcasts, and Periodicals.


Marine Corps University Press is proud to be included in this program with the following titles currently on the list. As an open access publisher, these MCUP titles are freely available upon request. Please visit our shopping cart to submit your order. The entire list of titles on the CMC's Professional Reading List are available HERE.



















The Journal of Advanced Military Studies (JAMS) serves as a forum for interdisciplinary discussion of national security and international relations issues and how they impact the Department of Defense, the Department of the Navy, and the U.S. Marine Corps directly and indirectly. JAMS is an open access journal that offers a forum for open dialogue between scholars, policy makers, analysts, and military leaders and of crossing civilian-military boundaries to advance knowledge and solve problems.

Editors are accepting article submissions on the following topics:

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A New Conception of War
John Boyd, The U.S. Marines, and Maneuver Warfare
by Ian T. Brown

In 1989, the Marine Corps formally adopted a theory of conflict called maneuver warfare and described its tenets in a short but revolutionary doctrinal manual simply titled Warfighting. This conflict theory evolved along two paths that wound their way through the landscape of the late Cold War period before coming together in 1989. A New Conception of War traces this story from the post–Vietnam War years to the present. The first path was forged by U.S. Air Force colonel John R. Boyd, whose ideas on warfare were shaped by a military career during the height of the Cold War and his own passion for challenging conventional wisdom in the search for new and useful ideas. The second path was navigated by many thinkers within the Marine Corps during a period of institutional soul-searching after Vietnam. Drawing on new and previously unpublished material from the major players of this period, including a full transcript of Boyd’s “Patterns of Conflict” lecture, A New Conception of War captures a period of remarkable intellectual ferment within the Marine Corps and the development of a unique conceptual framework for warfighting that continues to inspire Marines today.

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Marines at War
Stories from Afghanistan and Iraq
Edited by Paolo G. Tripodi and Kelly Frushour

This book brings together the short stories of 10 Marines and a sailor who served in either Afghanistan or Iraq, some in both. The authors reflect on their time in combat, focusing on preparation, particular moments, and the lessons or conclusions drawn from their experiences. While every servicemember has a different story, and despite these remembrances being very personal, this collection represents and provides insight into the ordinary experiences of fellow Americans serving during an extraordinary set of circumstances.

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