Our Mission

The MCU Alumni Program establishes and maintains a network of MCU alumni in order to develop and facilitate professional relationships, information sharing, and continued professional military education opportunities that are necessary to meet current and future regional and global security challenges.

Graduates of EWS, CSC, SAW, MCWAR, CDET, CEME and all other Marine Corps University programs, welcome to the MCU Alumni Program. We are excited to offer a way for alumni students to continue to interact with other alumni, faculty, staff and stay informed about the university.

For more information about what the program entails, go to the 'About Us' page or click 'Learn More' below.

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MCWAR Class of 2023

(MCWAR Class of 2023)

We encourage you to look into the Alumni Association, linked above. They offer several unique resources and opportunities that you will not want to miss out on. 

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