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CRSS provides regional, cultural, and security studies programming throughout the learning continuum and Marines’ careers in order to enhance Marines' cognitive advantage so they can anticipate and overcome challenges while operating in culturally complex environments.


What's New In CRSS

February 12, 2021 Update: Our new MarineNet library contains more than a decade worth of CAOCL & CRSS instructional materials, staff planning products, and RCSP workbooks (nearly 400 items!!). All files are also available on our PiX portal.

January 11, 2021 Update: Check out our RCSP page and Cognitive Dimension page for updates and new video resources!!

November 17, 2020 Update: Starting in December 2020, CRSS hosts culture pre-deployment instruction for Individual Augments (IAs) twice per month. See SME support page for details.

MARADMIN 227/20 - Divestment of Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning and Establishment of the Marine Corps University Center for Regional and Security Studies:

hyperlink or PDF download