Expeditionary Warfare School

Mission Statement

Expeditionary Warfare School educates and trains company grade officers in order to prepare them mentally, morally, and physically for billets of increased leadership responsibility across the Fleet Marine Force and the Joint Force, with emphasis on the warfighting capabilities of a Marine Air Ground Task Force operating within a complex and distributed Naval expeditionary environment.

Course Description

The Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) is a 41-week resident school that provides career-level, professional military education and training to company grade Marine officers and selected officers from other services and countries.  Upon graduation, students are mentally, morally, and physically prepared to lead in billets of increased responsibility within the complex and distributed Naval expeditionary environment, capable of:

(1) exhibiting the Marine Corps’ Core Values and standards in keeping with the highest level of professionalism expected of commissioned officers,

(2) demonstrating critical and creative thinking, ethical decision making, effective communication and a Maneuver Warfare mindset as leaders,

(3) integrating all warfighting functions across a combined arms MAGTF in Naval and Joint operations,

(4) demonstrating proficiency in their respective MOSs, and prepared for continued career progression, personal development, and professional education. ​