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About us

The Leadership Communication Skills Center is an instructional support resource for the MCU community—students, faculty, and staff. LCSC faculty members provide workshops, courses, and individual consulting about writing, speaking, and research. Visit our LCSC classroom and writing center in the Gray Research Center, Room 125.  


 The mission of the LCSC is to support the Marine Corps University community in its efforts to prepare and develop effective leaders who are strong thinkers, writers, and speakers. We fulfill this mission by teaching courses, running workshops, and offering individual support—face to face or via email.  


Effective leaders are effective communicators who are able to design messages in different media for particular audiences to achieve specific goals. Communication is learned best through preparation, practice, and experience. In our classes and in our feedback on communication tasks, we give advisees the tools to understand their own strengths and to address their particular challenges.  


Brandy Lyn G. Brown, PhD, Director: Dr. Brown joined the LCSC in 2020. An experienced writing center administrator and writing instructor, Dr. Brown's research interests include feminist pedagogies, representations of gender in popular culture, hospitality in writing studies, and cosmopolitanism. Dr. Brown received her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition, her MA in English Composition, and a master's-level graduate certificate in Women's and Gender Studies, from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Minnesota State University Mankato. 

Andrea Hamlen-Ridgely, MEd, Communications Assistant Professor: Ms. Hamlen-Ridgely joined the LCSC in 2007 as one of its founding faculty members. An experienced editor, writing consultant, and teacher, she helped shape the vision, mission, and processes of the center. Ms. Hamlen-Ridgely holds a BA in English from the University of Mary Washington and an MEd in Adult Education from the Pennsylvania State University. 

Stase Wells, Communications Instructor: Mrs. Wells joined the LCSC faculty in 2010. Over the past decade, she has contributed to the LCSC’s evolution through her experience as a consultant in both civilian and PME writing centers, editorial expertise, and instructional experience—particularly in support of international military officers. Mrs. Wells holds a BS in English (magna cum laude) from Central Michigan University and will complete coursework for a Master of Science in Global and International Education from Drexel University this year.

New Procedures in response to COVID-19:

Academic year 2020-2021 continues to present challenges for all students, faculty, and staff at Marine Corps University. To maintain our quality, diversity, and consistency of service during this volatile time, the LCSC will offer all of its services virtually for Fall 2020. While we have held a large percentage of our appointments online in the past, offering 100% of our services virtually requires us to solidify some of our existing policies and to change a few of our procedures.  Central to these changes is our new scheduling system, WCONLINE, which allows students to book their own appointments and makes the LCSC schedule more transparent to students. 


Students can use WCONLINE to make an appointment for: 

  • Submitting papers for review

  • Meeting with an instructor for a video conference


Students can register for an account using their MCU email account and access LCSC appointment schedules at usmcu.mywconline.com. A slide deck with detailed instructions for account and appointment creation can be found on the LCSC Moodle site


LCSC Policies: 

  • Students will use WCONLINE to schedule the following LCSC services: paper review appointments and video conference appointments. 

  • Papers submitted for review will be returned within two business days of the student's scheduled appointment time (i.e., a paper review appointment booked on Monday will be returned no later than Wednesday; paper review appointments booked on Friday will be returned no later than Tuesday of the following week.).

    • Students can schedule paper review appointments anytime during their preferred day regardless of their class schedule, as these appointments are not synchronous and do not require a video chat.

    • Students requesting a synchronous video chat appointment should NOT choose the paper review option. 

  • The Wait List option is ONLY for paper review requests.

    • Students should not schedule on the Wait List if there are open appointment slots on an LCSC faculty member's schedule for that day.

    • Students should not schedule video chat appointment requests on the Wait List, as LCSC faculty cannot guarantee availability at the student's preferred time. 

  • Students can book appointments up to two weeks in advance.

  • Students can book up to 120 minutes of appointments per week of paper review or video conferencing. 

  • Students are only allowed two paper reviews per assignment. Assignments requesting a third paper review (even with a different faculty member) will be cancelled, and students will be notified via email. 

  • Students should cancel appointments at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled time. 

Contact us individually:

Dr. Brandy Lyn G. Brown, Ph.D., Director (GRC 123)

brandylyn.brown@usmcu.edu 703.784.4401 (No voicemail)

Ms. Andrea Hamlen, Communications Assistant Professor (GRC 124) 

andrea.hamlen@usmcu.edu 703.784.4403 (No voicemail)

Mrs. Stase Wells, Communications Instructor (GRC 124) 

stase.wells@usmcu.edu 703.432.5524 (No voicemail)

NOTE: LCSC phones do not have voicemail -- email is the fastest way to reach the LCSC Faculty. 



To access the 2020 version of the MCU Communications Style Guide, 13th Edition, Click here.