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Casualty Card Database


The History Division’s Reference Branch (HDR) holds casualty cards for World War II, War Dogs, Interwar Period 1946-50, Korea, Interwar Period 1955-1965, and Vietnam.  Casualty cards were issued when a Marine was wounded, missing, killed or deemed a prisoner of war.  For the World War I period, HDR has two reels of microfilm that splits between those Marines who died and those who were wounded, sick, or injured in some other way.  Please Note: the numbers next to the names on the WWI microfilm casualty list are NOT Marine Corps service numbers.    


In an effort to increase patron usage and preserve the historic cards, the branch has digitized them and created a database of the information.  The cards and corresponding database are NOT COMPREHENSIVE as there are often gaps or omissions.  This does not mean that the event (KIA, WIA, etc.) did not happen, just that the branch did not have a card.  The Marine Corps History Division is NOT the official repository* for Marine Corps casualty information and cannot create new additions to our inhouse collection of casualty cards nor the online datebases.


While the cards for World War II through Korea are not classified, they can often be very graphic.  Therefore, to maintain the dignity and honor of the Marines, the individual cards will only be released, upon request, on a case by case basis.  To request a card, please send an email to history.division@usmcu.edu or a request in writing to:


United States Marine Corps History Division
Attn: Historical Reference Branch

2044 Broadway St

Quantico, Virginia 22134   

Policy for Requesting Casualty Cards (as of 23 July 2019)

As with all requests received, priority is given to current Marines, civilian staff of US Marine Corps, and other US government employees (including contractors working for the government).

Requests for casualty cards from current Marines, civilian staff of US Marine Corps, and other US government employees (including contractors working for the government) are limited to 15 per request.

Requests for casualty cards from outside the Marine Corps and those not working for the US government are limited to requests of no more than 15 names at a time, and one request per week. 

Note: ALL requests submitted must be provide the name of the conflict (World War II, Korea or Vietnam), and must be in alphabetical order by last name. 

Abbreviation Codes for WWI Casualty Listings (PDF)

Casualty Codes For WWII and Korea (PDF)

Vietnam Casualty Code Definitions (PDF)   

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World War II​

Interwar Period 1946-1950​​

World War II War Dogs​​

Korean War

Interwar Period 1955-1960​

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*Casualty Section
2008 Elliott Road
Quantico, VA 22134-5102