Hosted by the Commandant, the Brigadier General Select Orientation Course is a one week course that assists in the transition to flag rank by offering discussion and insight on the strategic, operational, and individual issues associated with becoming a general officer. Attendees are Brigadier Selects and Senior Executive Service civilians and are provided an understanding of the strategic vision required by general officers; general officer personal and professional responsibilities; general officer professional development; and the goals, status, and major issues concerning the Marine Corps.  Spouses are encouraged to attend the Spouse Program that runs concurrently during the week.

The General Officer Warfighting Officer Program (GOWP) runs consecutively and is a one week course hosted by MSTP at Quantico.  The GOWP prepares senior leaders to think strategically, plan operationally, and act tactically within the context of a five domain, naval-integrated, joint expeditionary campaign.

General Information

Special Projects Directorate will contact newly selected Brigadiers and SES with up to date registration information and POCs.  General information in regard to the course is included below.

1.  Uniform Requirements:

a.  Daily Briefs (Week 1 in hotel): USMC Service C (military); Business Casual open collar coat optional (civilian).

b.  Daily Briefs (Week 2 on MCB Quantico):  USMC Utility Green MARPAT Monday-Thursday, USMC Service C on Friday (military); Business Casual open collar coat optional (civilian).  

2.  DISS Requirements:

a.  DISS requests will need to be submitted to MCIA and MSTP for the GOWP portion of the course.

3.  Biographies.

The official photo should be taken in the service "A" uniform (uncovered) with authorized ribbons, badges, and rank. The U.S. and Marine Corps flags should be included in the photograph.  Example below.

General Officers and Senior Executives are responsible for submitting their biographies as well as individual and spouse photos to MMSL directly to Senior_Leader_Help_Desk@usmc.mil.

4.  Spouses

a.  Spouses should send their biographies and photos for inclusion.  Example below.


Dress Blue Alpha Smart Pack

Appropriate Civilian Attire

Principal Attendees Bio Example

Spouse Bio Example