Commandant of the Marine Corps Fellows, 

Commandant of the Marine Corps Strategists,

Foreign Professional Military Education, and

The Olmsted Scholar Program



The Commanding General of Education Command and President of Marine Corps University directs CMC Fellows, CMC Strategists, Foreign PME Students, and Olmsted Scholars on behalf of the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Each program offers selected Marine Corps officers unique developmental experiences. The Deputy Commandant of Manpower and Reserve Affairs (DC M and RA) selects or screens for all programs except as noted. Once selected, participants come under operational control of the CG EDCOM/President MCU. 

Commandant of the Marine Corps Fellowships

Commandant of the Marine Corps Strategist Program

Foreign Professional Military Education

The Olmsted Scholar Program 


For TLS and ILS board information contact MMOA-3: (703) 784-9284

For Olmsted Scholar applications and screenings contact MMOA-5: (703) 784-9286

For Congressional Fellows contact The Office of Legislative Affairs: (703) 641-1686

For specific details on any of these programs contact the MCU Program Manager: (703) 432-0696 / DSN 378-0696



DoD Instruction 1322.06 (Fellowships, Legislative Fellowships, Internships, Scholarships, Training-With-Industry (TWI), and Grants Provided to DoD or DoD Personnel for Education and Training)

MCO 1553.4B (Professional Military Education)