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School of Advanced Warfighting


Mission Statement

The School of Advanced Warfighting (SAW) develops lead planners and future commanders with the will and intellect to solve complex problems, employ operational art, and design/execute campaigns in order to enhance the Marine Corps’ ability to prepare for and fight wars.

Program Goals

  1. Formulate solutions to complex problems and apply operational art in an uncertain geostrategic security environment. 
  2. Employ knowledge of the operational level of war, the art of command, and ethical behavior in warfighting. 
  3. Quickly and critically assess a situation, determine the essence of a problem, fashion a suitable response, and concisely communicate the conclusion in oral and written forms. 
  4. Demonstrate the competence, confidence, character, and creativity required to plan, lead, and command at high level service, joint, and combined headquarters. 
  5. Design and plan adaptive concepts to meet current and future challenges.