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New Student Check-In

Welcome to Marine Corps University

The following pages and links provide information and forms for U.S. military and civilian students attending the resident officer professional military education programs (Resident OPME) aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia at the University's Marine Corps War College, School of Advanced Warfighting, Command and Staff College, or Expeditionary Warfare School during Academic Year 2019-2020.

These pages will continue to be updated with information for Academic Year 2019-20 with schedule changes until classes begin. Please continue to check this site regularly.

Pre-Reporting Actions

The following actions must be accomplished prior to reporting to Marine Corps University in order to efficiently and effectively accomplish all administrative requirements prior to the beginning of classes.

1. Review Chapters One - Three of the MCU Student Handbook

2. To confirm your enrollment at Marine Corps University, please follow the steps below:

ALL MARINE STUDENTS (Active or Reserve): 

Log onto MarineNet:

Request enrollment in your specific school using the course codes listed below:

Marine Corps War College (MCWAR) MCUWAR8000
School of Advance Warfighting (SAW) MCUSAW7000
Command and Staff College (CSC) MCUCSC6000
Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS) MCUEWS5000


After you request enrollment in to your MCU program on MarineNet, you will need to CAC authenticate or login to
Click on the Moodle Dashboard link to create your Moodle account and sync it to your MarineNet account. 
You will use this account to complete pre-reporting actions and for accessing your courses online once you are at MCU.
If you have any questions about this enrollment process, please email the University Registrar at


Log on to MarineNet:
Click on 'Sign Up for a New MarineNet Account' to create an account using your CAC.
Once your account has been created, follow the steps above for enrollment and creation of your Moodle account.
If you have any questions with creating your account, please contact the help desk at 1 (888) 435-8762 opt 3.

3.  Submit Official Undergraduate Degree Transcripts to the MCU Registrar (not applicable for EWS students).

The MCU requires that all students entering its masters degree programs must have earned a regionally or nationally accredited U.S. bachelor's degree, or its equivalent.  All MCWAR and SAW students, and any CSC students who intend to apply for the optional Master of Military Studies (MMS) degree program are required to submit official transcripts evidencing granting of a bachelor’s degree. Transcripts of post graduate work are not desired, and will not satisfy the requirement.   (Note: MCWAR students who previously attended SAW and/or CSC, and SAW students who previously submitted official transcripts in their SAW application or as a former student in CSC, are NOT required to submit them again if they remain on file with the MCU Registrar. Contact the MCU Registrar at to confirm.)

Official transcripts defined. Official transcripts must come directly from the degree granting institution to the Marine Corps University Registrar in the manner prescribed by that granting institution as “official.” Normally, that means a stamped transcript sent by mail in a sealed envelope. Some institutions have official electronic transcripts. MCU does accept official electronic transcripts.  Transcripts that are hand carried by student, unofficial transcripts, "student" copies, unsealed copies, opened copies, faxed copies, etc., are not acceptable.

Transcript receipt due dates:
WAR:  No Later Than 23 July 2019.
SAW:  before the first day of classes on 6 July 2019.
CSC:  before the MMS application deadline, date to be determined, normally in early September.  The optional MMS program and its requirements and deadlines will be briefed to all CSC students during the first week of classes.
Students who have not earned a qualifying degree from an accredited U.S. institution must have their academic credentials evaluated for equivalency.  Click the "Foreign Credentials Evaluation" tab in the MCU New Student Documents and Links section for instructions.
Request all official transcripts be mailed to:
President, Marine Corps University
Attention: Registrar
2076 South Street
Quantico, VA 22134-5067
OR electronically to:

4.  Ensure that your security clearance will not expire before the end of the academic year (June 2020), and ensure that your current unit releases you in JPAS upon your detachment.


5.  Ensure that your current unit releases you from their hierarchy in the Defense Travel System (DTS) upon your detachment.


6.  Academic Year 19-20 Reporting and Orientation Dates:

Marine Corps War College
23 JUL  ALL MCWAR Students No Later Than Report Date
24 JUL MCWAR Convenes. Student Welcome Aboard Brief/Admin Actions


School of Advance Warfighting
25 JUN ALL SAW Students No Later Than Report Date
26 JUN ALL SAW Students In Processing Brief
01 JUL SAW Classes Convene and Start Date


Command and Staff College
23 JUL       CSC Sister Service & Civilian Students No Later Than Report Date
24 JUL CSC Marine Corps Students No Later Than Report Date
24 JUL CSC Sister Service & Civilian Students In Processing Brief
25 JUL CSC Marine Corps Students In Processing Brief
29 JUL CSC Classes Convene and Start Date


Expeditionary Warfare School
23 JUL      EWS Sister Service & Civilian Students No Later Than Report Date
24 JUL EWS Sister Service & Civilian Student's In Processing Brief
29 JUL EWS Marine Corps Students No Later Than Report Date
29 JUL EWS Marine Corps Students In Processing Brief
30 JUL EWS Classes Convene and Start Date


International Military Students (IMS)
08-11 JUL IMS Reporting Window
15-26 JUL IMS Orientation Program
25 JUL IMS Welcome Family Picnic Hosted by President of MCU
25-29 JUL School Director's IMS Orientation Programs


On the 2nd of August, the Marine Corps University will conduct the AY 2019-2020 Convocation Ceremony.

(Marine Corps University will be closed from the 4th - 5th of July in observance of the 4th of July holiday period.)


7.  Reporting Instructions:

All Marines may report in earlier than their no later than dates listed above.  Marines who report in early will be authorized to submit annual leave and permissive TAD request.
Reporting in PRIOR to 15 July 2019:
Marines reporting in prior to the 15th of July will conduct the New Join Check-In process at MCB Quantico's Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) located in building 2006 on the 2nd Deck.
Address:  2006 Hawkins Avenue, Quantico, VA 22134
Reporting in AFTER 14 July 2019:
Marines reporting in after the 14th of July, Monday through Friday, will complete the New Join Check-In process at Marine Corps University's Warner Center in Room 1182.  MCBQ IPAC will be providing remote check-in services from the 15th - 30th of July.
Address:  2044 Broadway Street, Quantico, VA 22134


Consider Being an Escort and/or Sponsor for an International Military Students (IMS)


International Military Students are scheduled to arrive in CONUS from the 8th - 11th of July, and they will begin a 2-week orientation program on the 15th of July.  Escorts will meet these students at the airport and help orient them to Quantico by assisting them with the initial requirements of settling their families.  Volunteers are preferred (note: students who report early may be required to provide support if/as needed, depending on mission requirements).


Each International Military Student will be assigned a US military student to serve as their 'IMS' sponsor during the academic year.  Volunteers are preferred.  A sponsor's primary role is to assist the IMS with settling their family at Quantico, understanding the administrative and academic requirements, and to be aware of needs that may require referral to the appropriate supporting activities.  Interested students should complete and submit the applicable school sponsor form.  CSC students form:   EWS students form:  If you have any questions, please contact the Regional IMS Officer at to


Military Housing Information for Marine Corps University Students

Family housing is administered by the Marine Corps Installations National Capitol Region – Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCINCR-MCBQ) in a Public/Private Venture (PPV) with Lincoln Military Housing (LMH), and is available on a first come first serve basis.  Per the MCINCR-MCBQ Housing Order, incoming Marine Corps University (MCU) students will be assigned priority housing, based on availability from 1 May through 31 July 2019.
The Housing Office will begin to accept student applications at 0800 EST on 15 April 2019.  Any applications received prior to 0800 EST on 15 April 2019 will not be processed.  All applications must be received no later than 15 May 2019, or applicants will lose student priority status and placed on a general wait list.
The Military Housing Application and all required documents can be found at the link provided below, and must be e-mailed to
Please review the attached General Housing Information and Application Instructions.  If there are any further questions or concerns, please contact one of the following Housing Office representatives below:
Mrs. Maria F. Colon    DSN: (312) 378-0064
Mrs. Shanna Thomas    DSN: (312) 378-0069

Marine Corps University Student Services Office

Questions with regard to the administrative join process and reporting in to Marine Corps University should be directed to the Student Services office.  The Student Service office is open from 0800 to 1630 Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.  The Student Service office is located in Room 1182 of Warner Hall, 2044 Broadway Street, Quantico, VA 22134.

Director, Administrative Services Maj Rachael E. Pitts (703) 432-4632
Dep Director, Administrative Services MSgt Carlton E. Esswein (703) 784-5665
Student Service Chief GySgt Monica J. Salazar (703) 432-5465
Student Service Clerks   (703) 432-4867 / 3713
Registrar Ms. Christine Carroll (703) 432-5503

Student Services OMB: