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Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program



MCCLDP is congressionally mandated and CMC directed, education and training initiative providing civilian employees of the Marine Corps an opportunity to participate in civilian leadership courses that meet DoD leader competencies.  This program provides access to online leadership courses, seminars and classes provided by Marine Corps University (MCU) and other government or commercial institutions.  Participation in the MCCLDP is managed by MCU's Lejeune Leadership Institute in cooperation with Manpower and Reserve Affairs (MPC-30) and Marine Corps Installation Human Resource Development Strategic Advisors (HRDSA).  The learning outcomes for the varied leadership development venues ensure DoD leader competencies and Marine Corps Core Values are adequately stressed and reinforced throughout a Marine civilian's career. 

MCCLDP Mission

The MCCLDP provides leadership development and progressive educational opportunities for civilians of the Marine Corps that is supported by established DoD and other directives.

Get Started

  • Take a  Leadership Competency Assessment by clicking here.

  • CLD follows a four-tiered approach to developing civilian leaders. The CLD stresses deliberate leader development through progressive education and training that aligns with the DoD’S Civilian Leader Development Continuum. Click below for Tier details:


Tier 1: Online Leadership Development Courses


LLI Online Leadership Courses provide independent leadership development studies at your convenience that are aligned with the DoD leadership development competencies.

Tier 2: Local Area Programs

These local area decentralized programs are managed by bases and stations under the cognizance of Human Resources Development Strategic Advisors (HRDSA).

Tier 3: Seminars

The Civilian Leadership Development Seminar is a three day course focuses on individual leadership development concepts.

Tier 4: Centrally Managed Civilian Leadership Courses

Centrally Managed Civilian Leadership Courses are developmental programs for Civilian Marines starting at GS-4 through GS-15 or equivalents that are centrally funded.