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6 x 9 paperback
264 pages
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Marines at War

Stories from Afghanistan and Iraq

Edited by Paolo G. Tripodi and Kelly Frushour

DOI: 10.56686/9780997317411


This book brings together the short stories of 10 Marines and a sailor who served in either Afghanistan or Iraq, some in both. The authors reflect on their time in combat, focusing on preparation, particular moments, and the lessons or conclusions drawn from their experiences. While every servicemember has a different story, and despite these remembrances being very personal, this collection represents and provides insight into the ordinary experiences of fellow Americans serving during an extraordinary set of circumstances.



Introduction: The Experience of Going to War

Paolo G. Tripodi

Chapter 1. Captain Doug Zembiec

SgtMaj William S. Skiles (Ret)

Chapter 2. The Unspoken Leadership Challenges of Command

Col Brian S. Christmas

Chapter 3. A Fellow Marine in Combat: My Brother

Capt Matthew C. Fallon

Chapter 4. The Cobra, the Convoy, and a Crisis of Faith

LtCol Wayne R. “Gonzo” Beyer Jr. (Ret)

Chapter 5. The Bastards’ Shepherd: A Navy Chaplain with 2d Battalion, 4th Marines, in ar-Ramadi, Iraq

Cdr Brian D. Weigelt, CHC, USN

Chapter 6. Trust Among . . . Allies?

SSgt Michael R. Moyer

Chapter 7. A Woman in Charge: A Civil Affairs Marine Team Leader in Afghanistan

Maj Aniela K. Szymanski (USMCR)

Chapter 8. Crowd Control

1stSgt Nicanor A. Galvan

Chapter 9. The Advisor

Col Daniel L. Yaroslaski

Chapter 10. A Logistician’s Preparation for Combat

LtCol Clifton B. Carpenter (Ret)

Chapter 11. A Perspective on Leadership Attributes in Combat

Maj Benjamin P. Wagner

References and Further Reading

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