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Expeditions with MCUP is an online academic journal that offers authors a forum for the debate of trending domestic and international topics. Expeditions with MCUP will have all the advantages of a scholarly journal, including peer review and expert editing, but in a shorter time frame than a traditional print journal. Our authors will discuss the full spectrum of themes within the context of national security, international relations, and geopolitics as they apply to and impact the Department of Defense, the Department of the Navy, and the U.S. Marine Corps directly and indirectly.

Expeditions with MCUP uses a double anonymous peer review process to evaluate submissions. Subject matter experts who specialize in military history, national security, international relations, social science topics are recruited from internal and external agencies to support Expeditions' annual publishing process. To learn more about the acquisitions process and MCUP's scholarly best practices, click on the Acquisitions button or email






























































Appraising Information in an Integration of Evidence-Based
Management and Military Judgment and Decision Making

David E. McCullin, DM

Crossing under Fire:
The Israeli 143d Armored Division at the Suez Canal, 1973

Lieutenant Colonel Nathan A. Jennings, USA, PhD

Reconsidering Offensive Mine Warfare:
Historical Perspectives from World War I, World War II,
and the Vietnam War

Commander Christian Richer, USN

LST Redux: Adapting to the Future of Maritime Warfare
by Understanding the Past

Evan Phillips, EdD

Integrating Information Literacy with the Evidence-based
Framework and Military Judgement and Decision Making: 

A Literature Review

David E. McCullin, DM

The "Big Three" Revisited:
Initial Lessons from 200 Days of War in Ukraine

Yagil Henkin, PhD

Improving Maneuver Warfighting with Antoine-Henri Jomini:
Warfighting Functions, the Single Battle Concept, and Interior Lines

Captain Austin L. Bajc

The Concept of War in Ancient Mesopotamia:
Reshaping Carl von Clausewitz's Trinity

by Michael Cserkits, PhD

The Integration of the Evidence-Based Framework and
Military Judgment and Decision-Making

by David E. McCullin, DM

The American and Joint Origins of Operational Depth
in the Meuse-Argonne Campaign

by Thomas Bruscino, PhD

Exploring Evidence-Based Management
in Military Planning Processes as a Critically Appraised Topic

by David E. McCullin, DM

The Desert War: Marine Corps Aviation in Desert Storm,
January-February 1991

Fred Allison, PhD

The Operational Warfare Revolution:
How Operational Art Can Prepare the Marine Corps
for an Era of Great Power Competition

Matthew J. Schultz

The Finely-Honed Blade:
Clausewitz and Boyd on Friction and Moral Factors

 by Martin Samuels






















Assessing Resistance for the Purpose
of Informing International Policy

by Robert S. Burrell and John Collison

Misinformed: Implications of Foreign Influence
on the Information Environment that Launched
Operation Iraqi Freedom

by Michael P. Ferguson

Russian Foreign Humanitarian Assistance: 
Identifying Trends Using 15 Years of Open-Source Data

by Jonathan Robinson

Military Competition between the United States and
China in the South China Sea:
A Critical Analysis
by Nicky C. Cardenas

To Win without Fighting:
Defining China's Political Warfare
by Professor Kerry Gershaneck

Policy, Perception, and Misperception:
The United States and the Fall of the Shah

by Kyle Balzer

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps:
Its Foreign Policy and Foreign Legion

Mark D. Silinsky, PhD









Weather: The Only Constant in Warfare
Mangesh Sawant

An Introduction to PLAN E: Grand Strategy
for the Twenty-First-Century Era of Entangled Security
and Hyperthreats

Elizabeth G. Boulton, PhD

Lake Chad:
Changing Hydrography, Violent Extremism,
and Climate-Conflict Intersection

Thomas E. Griffin

Water Scarcity in Brazil: A Case Study
Denise Slater














Tidal and Wave Renewable Energy: In Support of Marines
during Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations

Major Corydon Cusack, USMC

Quantum Technology and the Military—Revolution or Hype?:
The Impact of Emerging Quantum Technologies on Future Warfare

Captain Daniel Choi, USMC

A New Way of War: The Swarmers
Davide Montingelli

The Battle with Data: Realities of Bringing Artificial Intelligence
to the Battlefield

Lieutenant Colonel Ryan Whitty, USMC

System-on-System Competition in Defense Innovation
Nicholas Dew and Ira Lewis

Freedom’s “Flying Snake”: The AIM-9 Sidewinder in the Cold War
James Young, PhD























The Great Power Competition for North America:
Western Expansion and the Conquest of Trans-Appalachia,

Matthew J. Flynn, PhD 

Holistic Health as a Twenty-First-Century Military Strategy:
Stoic Philosophy and Spiritual Fitness for Optimizing
Warfighter Readiness

Commander David A. Daigle, CHC, USN; Lieutenant Colonel Daniel V. Goff,
USMC (Ret); and Harold G. Koenig, MD, MHSc

Culture in Military Operations:
A Case Study: Operation Provide Comfort

Vern Liebl

Combat Art: An Avant-Garde Approach
to Developing Critical Thinkers

Major Eric Cash, USMC

Postpartum Depression and Its Impact on the Joint Force
Major Justin Mastrangelo, USAFR

Cultural Problems Require Cultural Solutions:
Partnership between Anthropology and the
U.S. Marine Corps to Prevent Suicide

Seth Allard

How Can the United States Move toward Gender-Neutral
Special Forces?: Lessons from the Norwegian Military

Mariah Loukou

Evaluating Military Cross-Cultural Training Programs
Allison Abbe, PhD


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