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Aspects of Leadership

Ethics, Law, and Spirituality

Edited by Carroll Connelley and Paolo Tripodi

DOI: 10.56686/9780160913686


Aspects of Leadership is a new book edited by Lieutenant Colonel Carroll Connelley and Dr. Paolo Tripodi, the Ethics Branch head, and comprised of essays by a group of 20 leadership and ethics scholars and practitioners. The Lejeune Leadership Institute Ethics Branch, Marine Corps University, provides current and relevant scholarly research and instruction on ethics and moral leadership and the law of war. This collection of essays provides timely and insightful views on current leadership behavior and ethical concerns that men and women of the armed forces face in the demanding, complex, and prolonged decade of armed conflict. This book offers significant and relevant perspectives on the historical underpinnings as well as from recent deployments and operations that affect ethics and law of war on individual Marines, units, and the populations engaged in conflict. The various chapters are the result of thoughtful perspectives and exhaustive research by intelligent and committed scholars and practitioners who apply their knowledge and wisdom with the passion to make clear what right ethical behavior by service members should look like. Aspects of Leadership dialogues addressing leadership from various aspects are captured and shared in this collection and should benefit not only the formal schools at Marine Corps University, but also fellow service professional military educational institutions. This book will also be relevant for those dedicated officer and enlisted personnel in the operating forces looking to broaden their understanding of leadership as they confront the difficult environments our Marines currently and will continue to face in the foreseeable future. It seems fairly settled within the Marine Corps that the study of leadership is something to be revered. Every Commandant from the very earliest years of our founding emphasized education in leadership, understanding that leaders were made, not born.

Lieutenant Colonel Carroll J. Connelley is an infantry officer turned judge advocate who has served in Iraq and Africa as an operational lawyer. He is currently stationed at the U.S. Naval Academy as the deputy director of the Leadership Education and Development Division and as professor of leadership, ethics, and law (at the time of publishing).

Dr. Paolo Tripodi is professor of ethics and leadership and serves as the Ethics Branch head at the Lejeune Leadership Institute, Marine Corps University. Dr. Tripodi trained as an infantry officer and served with the Italian Carabinieri.




Leadership, Ethics, and Culture in COIN Operations: Case Examples from Marjeh, Afghanistan
Ethics and Irregular Warfare: The Role of the Stakeholder Theory and Care Ethics
A Pedagogy of Practical Military Ethics
Leadership in a World of Blurred Responsibilities
When Loyalty to Comrades Conflicts with Military Duty
Leadership and the Ethics of Dissent: Reflections from the Holocaust
Enacting a Culture of Ethical Leadership: Command and Control as Unifying Mind

Training the Rules of Engagement for the Counterinsurgency Fight
Rules of Engagement: Law, Strategy, and Leadership
Humanity in War: Leading by Example; The Role of the Commander in Modern Warfare
Agency of Risk: The Balance Between Protecting Military Forces and the Civilian Population
Accountability or Impunity: Rules and Limits of Command Responsibility

Spiritual Injuries: Wounds of the American Warrior on the Battlefield of the Soul
Soldier Spirituality in a Combat Zone: Preliminary Findings
The Spiritual as the Nexus for the Ethical and the Legal
The Religious Factor in Military Leadership
Spiritual Leadership in the Battle Space: Who Is in Charge? A Personal Essay

6 x 9
494 pages
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Marine Corps University