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Forging Wargamers

A Framework for Professional Military Education

Edited by Sebastian J. Bae

DOI: 10.56686/9798985340327


How do we establish or improve wargaming education, including sponsors, participants, and future designers? The question stems from the uncomfortable truth that the wargaming discipline has no foundational pipeline, no established pathway from novice to master. Consequently, the wargaming community stands at a dangerous precipice at the convergence of a stagnant labor force and a patchwork system of passing institutional wargaming knowledge. Unsurprisingly, this can lead to ill-informed sponsors, poorly scoped wargames, an unreliable standard of wargaming expertise, and worst of all, risks the decline of wargaming as an educational and analytical tool. This fundamental challenge is a recurring theme throughout this volume and each author offers their own perspective and series of recommendations.

Sebastian J. Bae, a research analyst and game designer at the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), works in wargaming, emerging technologies, the future of warfare, and strategy and doctrine for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. He also serves as an adjunct assistant professor at the Center for Security Studies at Georgetown University, where he teaches a graduate course on designing educational wargames. He teaches similar courses at the U.S. Marine Corps Command and Staff College and U.S. Naval Academy. He is also the faculty advisor to the Georgetown University Wargaming Society, the cochair of the Military Operations Research Society’s (MORS) Wargaming Community of Practice, a fellow at the Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Future Warfare, and serves on the executive committee for the Educational Wargaming Cooperative. Previously, he served six years in the Marine Corps infantry, leaving as a sergeant. He deployed to Iraq in 2009.



by Sebastian J. Bae

Chapter OneProfessional Wargaming: From Competence Model to Qualifying Certification

by Natalia Wojtowicz

Chapter TwoImmerse Early, Immerse Often: Wargaming in Precommissioning Education

by Kyleanne Hunter, PhD

Chapter ThreeSimulation-Based Analysis and Training (SimBAT): Wargaming in the Office of Naval Intelligence

Chapter Three Addendum: SimBAT Introductory Course: Syllabus and Materials

by Timothy J. Smith

Chapter FourBuilding Wargame Designers and On-the-Job-Training

by Major Paul M. Kearney

Chapter FiveWargaming in PME: Introducing Wargaming to the Australian Defence College

by Lieutenant Colonel Scott Jenkinson and Group Captain Jo Brick

Chapter SixMake It Stick: Institutionalizing Wargaming at EDCOM

by Major Ian T. Brown and Captain Benjamin M. Herbold

Chapter SevenWargaming: Sponsor Education

by Jeff Appleget, PhD; and Robert Burks, PhD

Chapter EightWargaming for Social Science

by Brandon Valeriano, PhD; and Benjamin Jensen, PhD

Chapter NineWhole-of-Government Collaboration: Educational Nuclear Wargaming and Policy Makers

by Brooke Taylor, DSL

Conclusion: The Die Is Cast

by Sebastian J. Bae

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