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Strategic Water

Iraq and Security Planning in the Euphrates-Tigris Basin, Expanded Edition

Frederick Lorenz and Edward J. Erickson


DOI: 10.56686/9798986259482



The issue of freshwater scarcity has always been of vital concern to humans, and today it is increasingly characterized as a strategic factor in security planning. In the Euphrates-Tigris basin, water apportionment and management combined with climate change are increasingly emerging as threats to regional stability. The United States has a longterm strategic interest in the Euphrates-Tigris basin that, in turn, is directly linked to the national interests of the riparian states. The expanded second edition of Strategic Water: Iraq and Security Planning in the Euphrates-Tigris Basin updates analysis of the geopolitical situation and expands coverage of the aspirations of the basin countries. Finally, the book presents new conclusions and a proposed framework for action in the next 10 to 20 years.


Introduction to the Expanded Edition: Iraq and Security Planning in the Euphrates-Tigris Basin

Chapter 1. The Euphrates-Tigris Basin and Its History

Chapter 2. Geopolitics in the Euphrates-Tigris Basin

Chapter 3. External Agency in the Basin

Chapter 4. Geography, the Kurds, and Water

Chapter 5. Water Deficit and the Impact of Climate Change

Chapter 6. Hydropolitics and the Law

Chapter 7. Data, Science, and Diplomacy: Bridging Technology and Policy

Chapter 8. Security Planning and the Evolving Crisis

Selected Bibliography

6 x 9 paperback
280 pages
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