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440 pages
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Boots and Suits

Historical Cases and Contemporary Lessons in Military Diplomacy

Edited by Ambassador Philip S. Kosnett (Ret)


DOI: 10.56686/9798986259420



Boots and Suits, edited by Ambassador Philip S. Kosnett (Ret), discusses aspects of military diplomacy, featuring an edited collection of chapters by ambassadors, scholars, and servicemembers. This diverse set of authors explains military diplomacy through the lens of both the military and the diplomatic corps of countries, including perspectives from the United States, the Netherlands, and Turkey, among others. This volume will examine the aspects of military diplomacy as used by nations and what differentiates this concept from both military confrontation and diplomatic overtures when used as discrete concepts by nation-states rather than employing military diplomacy to advance their strategic goals.


Foreword by Gen Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., USMC (Ret)

Preface by Adm James G. Foggo, USN (Ret)

Introduction by Amb Philip S. Kosnett (Ret)

Part I: Historical Experience

Chapter 1. Diplomacy through Arms Sales: The Case of the United States and the Ottoman Empire, 1865-1880

Dr. Bestami S. Bilgiç

Chapter 2. The Kenner Mission: The Confederate States of America's Failed Military Diplomacy

Dr. David Campmier 

Chapter 3. U.S. Military Diplomacy and the Imperial State of Iran

Dr. Kyle Balzer

Chapter 4. Replacing the Pillar: U.S. Policy on Military Aid to Egypt from Carter to Reagan

James Bowden

Part II: Contemporary Challenges

Chapter 5. Understanding Hybrid Warfare as a Strategic Policy Tool: Russia as a Case Study

Dr. Ipshita Bhattacharya

Chapter 6. The Evolution of U.S. and European Security Assistance to Ukraine: Diplomacy and Defense on the Edge of Deterrence

Frank T. Goertner; Edward Hunter Christie; Dr. Yaropolk Taras Kulchyckyj; and Dr. Eugene M. Fishel

Chapter 7. Turkish-U.S. Defense Diplomacy in the Twenty-first Century

Dr. Tuba Ünlü Bilgiç and Stallion Yang

Chapter 8. The U.S. and Chinese Struggle for Influence in the Pacific: How Military Diplomacy Can Tip the Balance

Amb John T. Hennessey-Niland (Ret)

Chapter 9. Military Diplomacy Conceptualized from a Small State's Perspective: The Case of the Netherlands

LtCol Mirjam Grandia Mantas, PhD; Hester Postma; and Col Han Bouwmeester, PhD

PART III: Lessons From Practitioners

Chapter 10. Improving Civil-Military Operations in Humanitarian Emergencies

Dr. Sara Belligoni

Chapter 11. The Military Attache: Adapting to Foreign Cultures

LtCol Michael Skaggs, USMC (Ret)

Chapter 12. Foreign Policy Advisor 101: Civ-Mil Partnership in the Global War on Terrorism

Joanne Cummings and Heather Steil

Chapter 13. The Provincial Reconstruction Team Programs in Afghanistan and Iraq: A Guide for Practitioners

Alison Storsve

Chapter 14. Civil-Military Relations in Afghanistan and Iraq

Amb Ronald E. Neumann (Ret)

Conclusion by Amb Philip S. Kosnett (Ret)

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