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Alone & Unafraid

LtCol David A. Benhoff

It is clear from the first pages of Alone and Unafraid that Lieutenant Colonel David A. Benhoff uses a camera like an artist uses pastels.  With this book Afghanistan, he reprises the success he met with in the production of his previous work on Iraq, Among the People, published by Marine Corps University Press in 2008. The current book is not intended to cover all aspects of the conflict in Afghanistan. Instead, we had asked Lieutenant Colonel Benhoff to use his skill with the camera to capture the interaction of Marines with the Afghan people and the Afghan National Army (ANA).

Lieutenant Colonel David A. Benhoff, United States Marine Corps Reserve, is a field historian with the Marine Corps History Division, Marine Corps University.  In 2005, he deployed to Iraq to conduct and record oral history interviews with Marines, and collect historically relevant documents and artifacts. Drawing on his personal interest in photography, he also visually captured the experiences of both Marines and Iraqis as he traveled, and produced Among the People: U.S. Marines in Iraq upon his return. This volume, a photographic essay, was recognized by the Library Journal as one of the Best Notable Government Documents for 2008. Following his deployment to Iraq he has held various billets within the Marine Corps History Division, while also continuing to fulfill the role as field historian - deploying to Africa and Asia to document Marine Corps activities. Lieutenant Colonel Benhoff holds a masters of education from Lynchburg College and a bachelors of arts in History from the Virginia Military Institute. 

112 pages
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