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Confronting Security Challenges

On the Korean Peninsula

Edited by Bruce E. Bechtol Jr.


In this volume, our authors have given us several important theoretical frameworks, new concepts, and diverse perspectives regarding the security challenges that Washington and its allies now confront on the Korean Peninsula. Through their research and writing, our distinguished scholars, military officers, diplomats, and practitioners have made valuable contributions to the scholarship relating to the security and the stability of the Korean Peninsula, and the threats and challenges that are imminent for the future. 

Bruce E. Bechtol Jr., an associate professor of political science at Angelo State University, is a fellow at the Institute for Corean-American Studies and sits on the boards of directors of the International Council on Korean Studies and the Council on U.S.–Korean Security Studies. He was formerly a professor of international relations at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College and an assistant professor of national security studies at the Air Command and Staff College. Bechtol is the author of Defiant Failed State: The North Korean Threat to International Security (2010), Red Rogue: The Persistent Challenge of North Korea (2007), and the editor of The Quest for a Unified Korea: Strategies for the Cultural and Interagency Process (2007).



Chapter 1: Transfer of Wartime Command—Some Personal Thoughts
Chapter 2: North Korea’s Strategy of Compellence, Provocations, and the Northern Limit Line
Chapter 3: The ROK–U.S. Military Alliance: Transformation and Change
Chapter 4: The Lee Administration and Changes in ROK Strategic Culture
Chapter 5: The North Korean Military Threat
Chapter 6: Irregular Warfare on the Korean Peninsula
Chapter 7: Understanding North Korea’s Human Rights Abuses
Chapter 8: Breaking Barriers: The Media War for North Korea
Chapter 9: The “Faminist” State

6 x 9
240 pages
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Marine Corps University