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Counterinsurgency Leadership Security Challenges in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Beyond

Edited by Nicholas J. Schlosser and James M. Caiella


This volume collects the works presented at the 2009 symposium “Counterinsurgency Leadership in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Beyond.” This one-day colloquium was cohosted by the Marine Corps University and the Marine Corps University Foundation and held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Nicholas J. Schlosser earned his doctorate in history from the University of Maryland in 2008, and has worked as a historian with the Marine Corps University History Division. His research examines the U.S. Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as the Marine Corps' involvement in irregular warfare and counterinsurgencies. He is the editor of the volume U.S. Marines in Iraq, 2004–2008: Anthology and Annotated Bibliography.

James M. Caiella, who worked as an editor for Marine Corps University Press, earned his master's degree in communications from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications in 1981. A photojournalist with 30 years of newspaper and magazine experience, he was senior editor of Proceedings and Naval History magazines of the U.S. Naval Institute.


Part I: Counterinsurgency Leadership
Counterinsurgency Leadership: The Key to Afghanistan and Iraq
(2)  Supreme Command in Irregular Warfare


Part II: Brigade and Regimental Command
(3)  The  Art of Brigade Command in Counterinsurgency
(4)  Brigade Command in Counterinsurgency Operations: Lessons from the Iraq War
(5)  Regimental Command in Counterinsurgency


Part III: Battalion Command
(6)  The Art of Battalion Command in Counterinsurgency: A Discussion


Part IV: Officer Development in the U.S. Military
(7)  Officer Development for Counterinsurgency
(8)  The “Major” Challenge of Junior Officer Leadership Development and Talent Management
(9)  Generalship and Counterinsurgency


Part V: Counterinsurgency Leadership in Afghanistan
(10)  Winning in Afghanistan
(11)  Advising Afghan Military Forces


Part VI: The 2009 Afghan Presidential Election
(12)  The Afghan Election and the Future of Afghanistan’s Leadership: A Discussion


Part VII: General Officer Leadership in Counterinsurgency
(13)  A Conversation with General David H. Petraeus

6 x 9
216 pages
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Marine Corps University