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The Mud and the Mirth

Marine Cartoonists in World War I

Cord Scott, PhD

DOI: 10.56686/9798985340341


Visual arts constitute a significant portion of the Marines’ life, from training manuals to public appearances. Illustrations may inform, educate, or entertain the masses, be they civilians or military personnel. The Mud and the Mirth takes a deeper look at comic illustrations from the earliest publications for the Marine Corps--the Recruiters Bulletin, the Marines Magazine, and the Marines Bulletin--prior to World War I, as well as presents the entire collection of Stars and Stripes cartoons illustrated by Marine cartoonist Abian A. Wallgren.


Dr. Cord A. Scott is an overseas collegiate faculty for the University of Maryland Global Campus in Asia. He teaches history, government, and humanities, specifically film. He has written extensively on a variety of topics concerning popular culture, with two of his books centered on military comics of World War II (Comics and Conflict and Four Colour Combat). He has also written previously for the scholarly journal Marine Corps History. He currently resides in Okinawa, Japan, where he teaches on many of the III Marine Expeditionary Force bases.


Introduction: The Early Years

Chapter One. The War Begins

Chapter Two. The Early Publications

Chapter Three. Recruiters’ Bulletin

Chapter Four. Marines Magazine

Chapter Five. The Stars and Stripes Era

Chapter Six. The End of the War and the Commemorative Cartoons



A. Biography of Abian Wallgren

B. The Nature of Art

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