School of Advanced Warfare,
Marine Corps University


In support of the Commandant’s direction that, during the 244th anniversary of the birth of the Marine Corps, all Marines intensely study their profession to “grasp the implications of rapid change around us,” this case study reviews four historical examples of the Marine Corps learning and adapting to the changing character of warfare. This case study will reinforce three primary objectives in that regard. First, Marines will understand the historical precedence for adaptation. Second, Marines will recognize and embrace in mind and spirit the imperative to meet current and future operational challenges. Third, Marines will kindle a Corps-wide enthusiasm for learning and adaptation as embodied in their legacy.


Primary Source Supplementary Material

World War I: 

World War II:

Vietnam: Operation Starlite

Vietnam: Operation Harvest Moon

Vietnam: Khe Sanh

Vietnam: Hue

Iraq: an-Nasiriyah

Iraq: an-Najaf

Iraq: Fallujah