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Virtual Learning Environment (VLE-Adobe Connect)

College of Distance Education and Training

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) uses Adobe Connect as a tool to assist with real-time and recorded presentations, online training, web conferencing, learning modules, synchronous meetings, webinars, and user desktop sharing*.  It facilitates virtual collaboration with additional features including audio/video sharing, screen sharing, whiteboards, breakout rooms, polls, the ability to record sessions, and much more. Adobe Connect within the ecosystem is hosted by CoSo Cloud with training support from Envolvemedia.

Adobe Connect Quick Facts Guide

IMPORTANT!! This environment is intended for Training and Education use ONLY! Meetings and seminars for non-educational or training purposes are not authorized.

Adobe Connect is accessible across networks including but not limited to MCEN, EDU, and personal networks via modern web browsers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari). Only hosts need an account, all others can join as guests.

If you would like to host meetings, classes, or training events in support of Training and Education, you can request a host account through an Ecosystem Support Ticket. Be sure to provide justification for your request. All Hosts must attend the Envolvemedia Adobe Connect Host Training; click here to register for training.

*Desktop sharing requires the use of the Adobe Connect desktop app.

NOTE: The Desktop app is not accessible on the MCEN.


For more information, please log into the Ecosystem and go to the Virtual Learning Environment Community. You can also find Adobe Connect FAQs or check out the tutorials located in the Ecosystem Library and MVS.

Contact the Ecosystem help desk for any issues or additional guidance.