Instructor-led (Moodle)

College of Distance Education and Training

Provides a learning platform for educators to create tailored online courses that enable students to submit assignments, collaborate with peers and instructors, and allows educators to provide feedback, and grading of assignments.

Moodle Quick Facts Guide 

Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) where students can access online course materials, take weekly quizzes, and take course examinations. Online students participate in instructor-led online discussions.

If you have an eLearning Ecosystem account, you can activate your Moodle account by logging into the ecosystem and navigating to the Instructor-led Courses (Moodle) link.

Writing Center

The writing center on Moodle has valuable, knowledge-on-demand resources, materials, and exercises for students to improve their writing abilities and attain their writing goals. Students can also receive help and feedback on papers, or work one-on-one with a writing instructor.

There is an introductory tutorial about CDET's academic integrity policy in the Moodle writing center. To navigate to the writing center from the Moodle dashboard, click on your course, find the CDET Links section in the navigation column on the left, then click “Writing Center”.

  • Under Academic Integrity, students can read and view important, must-know information about personal integrity, collaboration, and plagiarism.
  • Under Writing Guides, students will find the cornerstone writing booklet, "Writing Tips at a Glance," which provides across-the-board writing guidance for papers and essays, as well as other helpful articles.
  • Under Writing Issues, self-tutorials and exercises answer specific writing questions.
  • Under Writing Courses, there is a document that describes the various writing courses on MarineNet and how to access them.


Contact CDET Student Support for technical problems, or the appropriate DEP seminar program POC for any other information or guidance.

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