Resident Career School


The Career School is an intermediate level seven-week school for Marine staff sergeants (E-6s).  This school is intended to enable Marines to serve as ethical leaders, professional warfighters, and to become sound decision makers.  This school will also educate students on obstacles that affect Marine cohesion and compliance with organizational values, Marine Corps warfighting doctrine, and diverse decision making processes.

Career School Outcomes

Program Outcomes

  • Serve as ethical leaders, educated in methods to overcome obstacles that affect Marine cohesion and compliance with institutional values and ethics, and who recognize the responsibility of their grade to mentor junior enlisted as well as junior officers.
  • Serve as professional warfighters, educated in the Marine Corps warfighting doctrine with an emphasis on preparing for and the conduct of war, who are introduced to operational planning, and possess knowledge on national military capabilities and the foundations of joint operations.
  • Serve as sound decision makers, educated in diverse decision making processes used to formulate and solve open-ended problems in complex environments in support of the commander’s intent and institutional values.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze aspects of leadership that enhance decision-making.
  • Employ critical thinking and creative problem-solving techniques to support organizational mission, goals, and values.
  • Champion organizational change through sustaining and reinforcing core values.
  • Examine the nature and theory of war as it applies to National Strategic Overview and National Military Capabilities.
  • Examine maneuver warfare concepts that enable success within the MAGTF.
  • Investigate theories that enhance personal and professional communication.
  • Analyze events focusing on problem-solving and decision-making process in complex situations.

Career School Academies

Career School Contacts

(703) 784-2971

Camp Lejeune
(910) 450-0018/1957

Camp Pendleton
(760) 725-4822

(81) 611-723-4047

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