Resident Advanced School


The Advanced School is an intermediate level seven-week course for Marine gunnery sergeants (E-7s). During this school, Marines will continue to learn, at a more progressive level, about the various aspects of ethical leadership, professional warfighting, and sound decision making. This school will focus on the theories behind Marine Corps command and control, the challenges of leadership development, and the fundamentals of expeditionary force at the tactical level. This school will provide a better understanding of the translation of policy into action.

Advanced School Outcomes

Program Outcomes

  • Serve as ethical leaders, educated in the theories behind Marine Corps command and control, who recognize their role in influencing the command climate and supporting the commander’s philosophy.
  • Serve as professional warfighters, educated in the fundamentals of how the Marine expeditionary force conducts operations at the tactical level, who comprehend the art and science of operational planning, and the relationship between the National Security Strategy and the National Military Strategy.
  • Serve as sound decision makers, educated in the challenges of leadership development within an organization, who can translate policy into action, and possess the analytical ability to recognize the essence of given problems and the creative ability to devise practical solutions.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the scope of command influence through analytical and creative communications skills.
  • Explore the Marine Corps Command and Control Theory and its supporting theories as outlined in MCDP 6.
  • Examine factors that impact a leader’s role in influencing the command climate.
  • Explore the relationship between the National Security Strategy and National Military Strategy.
  • Probe the relationship between the art and science of operational planning.
  • Examine maneuver warfare philosophy while incorporating the warfighting functions.
  • Examine fundamentals of conducting MEF-level operations at the tactical level.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to develop solutions to problems facing unit leaders.
  • Implement actionable solutions that support leadership policy.

Advanced School Academies

Advanced School Contacts

Camp Lejeune
(910) 450-0009

Camp Pendleton 
(760) 725-4893

(81) 611-723-4047

(703) 784-1836

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