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Senior Leader Feedback

The College of Enlisted Military Education, Marine Corps University continually seeks feedback from the Marine Corps’ senior leaders, both officer and enlisted. Your feedback is essential to ensure that the curriculum is current, supports program and learning outcomes, and are applicable to the Fleet Marine Force and supporting establishment. In addition, your feedback provides valuable insight that shapes the future of the Enlisted College and its ability to accomplish its mission.

Some of the topics we seek feedback on include:

  • Relevance and applicability

  • Program Outcomes

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Curriculum

  • Academy Facilities and Resources

This list is not exclusive; we welcome feedback on any areas pertaining to the Enlisted College and the resident schools.

Additional questions we seek feedback include:

  • How have graduates applied what they learned at the Enlisted College in their units performing their duties in their day-to-day operations?

  • What areas did you expect CEME graduates to improve upon, but they did not?

  • Keeping in mind that the Enlisted College educates all enlisted Marines and does not address MOS/annual training requirements, what should be added to the CEME curriculum?

Please submit all feedback and recommendations to the email address below:

Marine Corps University