Enlisted PME & SNCOA Recruitment


Enlisted PME Recruitment  

Marine Corps University and the SNCO academies are searching for prospective Marines who desire to either develop curriculum for the enlisted force or serve as a faculty advisor at the regional SNCO academies. If you're interested, review the details and requirements below.

Marines who serve as a curriculum developer at the Enlisted PME branch have the unique opportunity to impact the enlisted force through the development and delivery of resident and non-resident courseware. Curriculum developers are subject matter experts in their respective MOS as well as across the spectrum of the MAGTF. Marines who serve in this billet will develop curriculum for the resident SNCO academies.


No specific requirements exist to serve as as curriculum developer however; you must have solid communication skills and be proficient at using word processing and presentation software (MS Word & PowerPoint). Desired skills are listed below.

  • Bachelor or Associates degree

  • Previous instructor assignment

  • Completion of FSIC or CDC

Marines interested in becoming curriculum developers must send an email (with the Curriculum Developer and Staff Noncommissioned Academy Faculty Advisor Screening Checklist as an attachment) to mcu_ceme@usmcu.edu to schedule an interview.  Complete the subject line as:  Attn:  Curriculum Development Officer - (Name of Interested Marine) Interview.


SNCO Academy Faculty Advisor Recruitment  

The SNCO Academy faculty advisor's billet is one of the best duties in the Corps and can provide Marines who serve in this capacity to directly impact the Corps' enlisted leaders. Faculty advisors deliver courseware developed by the enlisted PME branch, facilitate small group discussions, mentor SNCO academy students and serve as role models. Faculty advisors can serve at any of the six regional SNCO academies in the corporals, sergeants, career, or advanced courses.


  • Conform to physical fitness standards as prescribed in MCO P6100.12

  • Record does not indicate a trend concerning disobedience of orders or regulations, misbehavior, alcohol/drug abuse, domestic violence, or substandard performance.

  • Does not have a history of financial instability.

  • Previous successful tour as an instructor preferred, but not required.

  • Higher education is desirable, but not a requirement. Significant qualifiers are as follows:

    • Bachelor's degree (any subject)

    • Master's degree (any subject)

Marines interested in becoming SNCO Academy faculty advisors or curriculum developers must complete the Curriculum Developer and Staff Noncommissioned Academy Faculty Advisor Screening Checklist.  

Marines who are applying to be faculty advisors should then contact the deputy director at the academy nearest to them to schedule an interview.