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Advanced Course

Distance Education Program
College of Distance Education and Training

The Advanced Course distance education program (DEP) places emphasis on warfighting and leadership skills necessary for a gunnery sergeant to function in a wide variety of combat and non-combat roles, and on enhancing the student's knowledge of the strategy behind how the Marine Corps trains, fights, and wins.

It increases the student's ability to support the organizational values of the Marine Corps and their unit, influence the command climate, properly adhere to administrative and legal procedures within the organization, and conduct a variety of combat operational roles such as company gunnery sergeant or watch officer in a MAGTF or joint operating environment. The instruction is designed to be a precursor to the resident course experience in order to place the student on a common level of understanding regardless of MOS.

This DEP is a MarineNet self-paced curriculum (EPME7000BA) divided into five subcourses.



The Advanced Course DEP is available to gunnery sergeant selects and above. It is a PME requirement for promotion from gunnery sergeant to master sergeant or first sergeant.

Completion Benefits

Higher Education

The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends 3 upper-division bachelor's degree credits in Operational Management.


Contact the MarineNet help desk for any information or guidance about CDET's distance education programs for enlisted Marines.

Transcripts can be obtained via MarineNet.