Blended Seminar Programs

College of Distance Education and Training

CDET offers two blended seminar programs (BSPs): one for the Expeditionary Warfare School distance education program (EWSDEP) and one for the Command and Staff College distance education program (CSCDEP). Both of these provide students with an opportunity to receive their professional military education (PME) through a combination of resident and non-resident (online) education at or near their home station. These BSPs enable students to gain a greater depth of educational experience, while minimizing family turbulence by allowing them to remain on station and with their commands.

The BSPs allow applicable military personnel to complete career level school (CLS) or intermediate level school (ILS) requirements within one academic year. Graduates of both programs earn appropriate PME credit, while CSCDEP graduates also earn Joint professional military education (JPME) Phase I credit.

The programs consist of three phases. The first and third phases are resident periods, while the second phase is an online period. The resident periods are held at Quantico, VA; Camp Lejeune, NC; Camp Pendleton, CA; Kaneohe Bay, HI; and Okinawa, Japan. Each resident period is considered local travel or TECOM-funded temporary additional duty (depending upon home station location). The online period is accomplished during the student's off-duty time at home station.

In addition to the standard curriculums, students participate in extracurricular activities to include fields studies, staff rides, and visits to national historic sites that are representative of U.S. culture, national heritage, and government institutions.

EWSDEP Blended Seminar Program

The initial resident period for the EWSDEP BSP lasts for 4 weeks. The online period last for 12 weeks. Students then return for their final resident period of 6 weeks and participate in an official graduation ceremony.

AY17 EWSDEP battlefield study

CSCDEP Blended Seminar Program

The initial resident period for the CSCDEP BSP lasts for 5 weeks. The online period lasts for 28 weeks. Students then return for their final resident period of 6 weeks and particpate in an official graduation ceremony. This BSP is not offered in Okinawa or Hawaii, and only a limited number of students are allowed to attend in Camp Pendleton.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Those eligible to participate in EWSDEP or CSCDEP may request enrollment in a blended seminar program. More information is available on the page of each corresponding program.


Contact your local regional office for any information or guidance about CDET's distance education programs for officers.

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