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MarineNet Electronic Distance Learning
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MarineNet Electronic Distance Learning Products

CDET utilizes the MarineNet Ecosystem to facilitate CDET’s mission to provide distance learning products across the Marine Corps. The MarineNet Ecosystem hosts distinct learning support tools that provide different learning environments to support the various training and education needs of today’s Marine Corps.

Organizations interested in utilizing MarineNet to meet training and education needs are encouraged to review the following descriptions of each learning support tool to help determine which tool may best meet their requirements. 

MarineNet Ecosystem Tools and Capabilities:

  • Adobe Connect

    Provides a virtual classroom venue used to facilitate real-time collaboration. Features include audio/video sharing, screen sharing, whiteboards, breakout groups, polls, ability to record sessions, and much more.

    Adobe Connect Quick Facts Guide
  • MarineNet Library

    MarineNet Library contains “Folders” that can host a wide variety of file types to create a repository of knowledge to support educational and training needs. MarineNet  Library is intended to support Marine Corps and organizational level needs.

  • MarineNet Video Services

    MarineNet Video (MVS) provides a platform to share videos across the Marine Corps in a way similar to services like YouTube.

    MVS Quick Facts Guide
  • Moodle

    Provides a learning platform for educators to create tailored online courses that enable students to submit assignments, collaborate with peers and instructors, and allows educators to provide feedback, and grading of assignments.

    Moodle Quick Facts Guide
  • Self-Paced Courseware

    Provides structured asynchronous content on a range of topics in a variety of formats to include audio/video, PDF, and imagery. Content may be assessed through in-progress/end of course assessments and student completions can be tracked via MarineNet transcripts.

    Self-Paced Courseware Quick Facts Guide


Specific information about technical requirements and the MarineNet testing process:

For additional information or questions about using the MarineNet Ecosystem to meet your organization’s training or educational needs, please visit the Contacts and Locations page.