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College of Distance Education and Training

CDET utilizes the MarineNet Ecosystem to facilitate CDET’s mission to provide distance learning products across the Marine Corps. The eLearning Ecosystem hosts distinct learning support tools that provide different learning environments to support the various training and education needs of today’s Marine Corps. 

Content Controller

On January 9th, 2023, the MarineNet Ecosystem launched Content Controller. This new capability will streamline the development process for Self-paced training. Content Controller will allow content owners and developers the ability to control, update, and distribute their content to better aid students.

For further information, please see the Content Controller User's guide under resources or take the Self-paced Content Controller Training course on Marinenet:

  • Course name: Content Controller Training
  • Course Code: CC_01234AB



Specific information about technical requirements and the eLearning Ecosystem testing process:

For additional information or questions about using the eLearning Ecosystem to meet your organization's training or educational needs, please visit the Contacts and Locations page

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