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MarineNet Curriculums and Seminar Programs

Select your rank below to determine which CDET programs are required for PME completion, per MARADMIN 521/14.

MarineNet Curriculums
Rank Curriculum Course Code
Lance Corporal Leading Marines DEP EPME3000AA
Corporal Corporals Course DEP EPME4000AA
Sergeant Sergeants Course DEP EPME5000AA
Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Select
Career Course DEP EPME6000AA
Gunnery Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant Select
Advanced Course DEP EPME7000BA
Seminar Programs
Rank Seminar Program
Sergeant Sergeants School Seminar Program
Staff Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Select
Career School Seminar Program
Gunnery Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant Select
Advanced School Seminar Program

Seminar Schedules

CDET's regional offices work with each student to determine a schedule that best fits their educational goals and the constraints of their personal time. At the end of a program's enrollment period, the regional office for each region creates a set of seminar schedules to accomodate the students as much as possible while meeting the requirements of the seminar. This ensures that each seminar has an appropriate class size and a variety of MOSs to encourage discussion and interaction.

Three types of seminar schedules are offered for the ECDEP seminar programs. These schedules deliver each seminar program's curriculum over a period of 15 weeks as per the Enlisted College DEP academic calendar. Classes run concurrently across all regions (i.e., on the same weeks for weekday and online seminars, and on the same months for weekend seminars).

All students require access to a computer and the internet while participating in a seminar program. Online portions of seminars are done via CDET Moodle.

Schedule Types


Students meet on-site one night per week (2-3 hours). Classes for weekday and online seminar programs run concurrently across all regions (i.e., on the same weeks). Additional coursework is done online throughout the week.

Reserve Marines may attend weekday seminars, but Marine Forces Reserve (MFR) will not provide funding.


This is similar to a weekday schedule except that it is done asynchronously online. Instead of participating in a classroom environment, students interact on CDET Moodle.

Reserve Marines may attend online seminars, but MFR will not provide funding.


Students meet on-site one weekend (Saturday and Sunday) per month.

The weekend schedule is designed for reserve Marines, with funded seats available. Active duty Marines may also attend weekend seminars, but funding is not provided.

Course schedules for each schedule type are below. Schedules for individual seminars are provided by region.

Seminar Registration

To enroll in an ECDEP seminar program, you must be grade appropriate or selectee, meet the Marine Corps body composition standards per MCO 6110.3, and have completed the appropriate distance education program on MarineNet. See above for the requirements specific to your rank. Inform your unit's sergeant major of your desire to enroll. Similar to resident PME courses at the SNCO Academy, Marines need to be nominated by their command.

A limited number of seats are typically available for sister service members within each region, for each cycle of the seminar programs. Contact the nearest regional office for more information.

Information for Your Unit

Seminars are not located in MCTIMS.

Weekday and Online Seminars

Individual units will forward their nominations, to include a completed command screening checklist, to the regional office nearest them for enrollment in the upcoming class. The registration deadline is 21 days prior to the convening week.

Weekend Seminars

Registration is considered continuous and will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Individual units will forward their nominations, to include a command endorsed application package (agreement of training and weekend seminar command screening checklist) and a copy of the Marine's respective MarineNet DEP completion certificate, to the reserve liaison office. The registration deadline is 45 days prior to the convening month to allow enough time for all MROWs and travel requests to be processed. Once the registration deadline has passed, students will be assigned regions and an acceptance letter will be sent detailing specific dates and coordinating instructions.

Weekend seminars are fully funded for reserve Marines by Marine Forces Reserve (MFR). SMCR, IMA, and IRR Marines accepted into the program will be placed on active duty for operational support (ADOS) orders and will be given per diem. Rental cars are authorized but will be limited to one per unit. Weekend seminars are not intended to replace inactive drill training (IDT) days. It will be up to the commander's discretion as to how to manage each Marine's schedule.

Curricula Completion Reporting

Active and reserve Marines that complete ECDEP courses on MarineNet will have their course completions (course and school code) sent automatically to their official military record in the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS). MMRP-20 will then pull the completions of the entire curricula from MCTFS, automatically generate a completion certificate, and post the certificate to each student's official military personnel file (OMPF). CDET will post copies of diplomas for distinguished graduates into their OMPF. Only a certificate is required; students are not required to input their diplomas into their OMPF records if a certificate already exists.

If the completion of the curriculum shows in MCTFS, but does not appear in OMPF, please contact CDET Student Support via the MarineNet help desk, option 2.