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Corporals Course

Distance Education Program
College of Distance Education and Training

The Corporals Course distance education program provides Marine Corps Corporals with the knowledge and skills necessary to assume leadership roles of greater responsibility as a non-commissioned officer of Marines. Instruction places emphasis on Leadership Development and Warfighting. It is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to become successful small-unit leaders using authentic problem-based situations that a Marine corporal will encounter.

This DEP is a MarineNet self-paced curriculum (EPME4000) which consists of eight subcourses: Administration, Communications, Operations, Fire Team Operations, Tactical Planning, Tactical Tools, Leadership I, and Leadership II.



The Corporals Course DEP is available to lance corporals and above who have completed the Leading Marines DEP. It is a PME requirement for promotion from corporal to sergeant.

Completion Benefits

Higher Education

The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends three (3) lower-division bachelor's or associate degree credits for the completion of both the Leading Marines DEP and the Corporals Course DEP.


Contact the MarineNet help desk for any information or guidance about CDET's distance education programs for enlisted Marines.

Transcripts can be obtained via MarineNet.