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Self-Paced Courses

College of Distance Education and Training

Self-paced courses are in legacy MarineNet. Most courses are classified as interactive multimedia instruction (IMI). These are purposefully designed to support students without an instructor and include a variety of practical exercises, preliminary and end-of-course exams, and checks on learning. The majority of these courses meet specific Marine Corps training requirements and are extensions of resident schools. Other courses are commercially developed and licensed to support individual skill development in subjects like information technology, leadership, business, language, and personal development. For a complete list of courses currently offered, browse the course catalog.

Some MarineNet courses are complete once the course material has been reviewed; however, many require completion of a separate end-of-course exam or survey. MarineNet examinations draw from a large bank of questions which are randomized to ensure all learning objectives are assessed. Courses that provide school and promotion credits usually require a proctored examination. Exam proctors are most easily secured at unit training sections.

Self-Paced Courses Quick Facts Guide


Transcripts can be obtained via the MarineNet certificates & transcripts page, on the "My Completed Courses" tab. You can print an unofficial copy or request that an official transcript be sent to an educational institution, employer, or command.

If you are looking to request a transcript from the discontinued Marine Corps Institute (MCI), follow these instructions for requesting a joint services transcript.

For Marines, some courses also pass results to their official military record in MCTFS. These records are made available in MOL in 2–4 days, from the Basic Training Record (BTR) and Education pages.

Exam Proctoring

To reduce academic integrity violations and better educate proctors about CDET's academic integrity policy, CDET activated a Proctor Certification course (MNET0110PC) on MarineNet. This course must be completed in order to become a proctor.

A proctor is an individual tasked with supervising and monitoring students during an examination to ensure that they are aware of the requirements for the exam they are taking and understand what constitutes a violation of CDET's academic integrity policy, as well as to prevent the copying of an exam (hard or electronic) and to prevent access to course material not specified in the exam instructions. Proctors also ensure that students have a proper test environment and provide assistance contacting the Ecosystem Help Desk in case of a technical problem. All proctors and students should review and familiarize themselves with the CDET Academic Integrity Policy Letter and Manual.

Any MarineNet student can proctor an exam as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • have completed the Proctor Certification course (MNET0110PC)
  • are an E-6 or above, active or retired (E-5 or above for EPME3000AA or EPME4000AA)
  • are senior in rank to the student they are proctoring
  • are not enrolled in the same course they are attempting to proctor

The following individuals can also proctor exams, with similar requirements:

  • training managers (only for students in their same RUC/MCC)
  • inspector-instructors
  • government supervisors (GS-7 or above)


Contact the Ecosystem Help Desk for any information or guidance.

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