MarineNet Video Services (MVS)

College of Distance Education and Training

MarineNet Video (MVS) provides a platform to share videos across the Marine Corps in a way similar to services like YouTube.

MVS Quick Facts Guide 

MarineNet Video Services (MVS) enables Marines to share training and educational videos. The mission is to provide global access to video content that has been self-developed by the Marine Corps' user base. MarineNet Video explicitly captures and distributes the tacit knowledge and experience of the individual Marine through user-generated video-based training. The intent is to bridge any continuity gaps that exist between doctrine, formal distance learning modules, resident schoolhouse training, on-the-job training, and the execution of established procedures through accepted techniques. View some of the highlights of MVS on YouTube, and see the MVS user guide for more details.

Breakdown of Roles

  • Sponsor: The unit's Commanding Officer or organization's Director, who is ultimately accountable for the content on the channel. When a new Commanding Officer or Director takes over command responsibility, the sponsor role can only be changed by the channel's current sponsor.
  • Channel Manager: The channel manager is responsible for maintaining the channel's settings, assigning user roles, and managing the reviewers. A channel can have up to four channel managers. A channel manager can also approve/disapprove, upload, and disable videos for their channel.
  • Reviewer: A channel reviewer is responsible for viewing all videos uploaded to their site before approving them to be published on MVS.
  • Users: A user can upload videos to the channel, but the videos will not be published until a reviewer approves them.

How do I request and create a channel?

  1. You must have command sponsorship from your unit's Commanding Officer or your organization's Director.
  2. After your command has agreed to sponsor a channel, go to the MVS website and click on the "Channels" link. Click the "Add Channel" button and fill out the appropriate information to request a channel.
  3. Once submitted, MVS Administrators will contact you about creating your organization's channel. Once approved by the administrators, you will receive an email with your new channel's URL.
  4. From there, you can customize your channel and manage your users.

How do I assign users and roles to a channel?

  1. Go to the MVS website and click on the "Channels" link, then click on the "Manage" button.
  2. On the Users tab of the Manage Channel page, all users and roles for that channel will be displayed. To add a new user, click on the "New User" button.
  3. A prompt will appear allowing you to choose what role you will assign to the user. If you are adding more than one user, you can add multiple names in list form by username or EDIPI. If adding uploaders in bulk, use the "By Unit" option and enter the RUC/MCC or UIC.
  4. To remove users, check the box next to their username and click the "Remove Selected" button at the top of the page.

Using a CAC login vs. username and password

Videos can be uploaded and approved/disapproved without a CAC login and by logging in with a username and password. However, to assign users to a channel, assign roles to a user, or change a channel's settings, you must log in using a CAC.


For more information, please log into MarineNet and go to the MarineNet Video FAQ, or see the MVS user guide.

Contact the Ecosystem Help Desk for additional information or guidance.

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