Adjunct Faculty

College of Distance Education and Training

Our adjunct faculty members are contracted personnel who conduct the seminars for CDET's professional military education distance education programs (DEPs), including Enlisted College (ECDEP), Expeditionary Warfare School (EWSDEP), and Command and Staff College (CSCDEP). We draw the majority of our adjunct faculty from the fleet so that they may bring their vast operational experience and training to enhance our seminars. Our adjunct faculty members are located at major bases and stations worldwide and are frequently in contact with the operating forces; thus, they are very attuned to the realities of what is happening in the fleet.

Some of the qualifications for our adjunct faculty include:

  • Possess a degree in education, history, international relations, or national security/strategic studies (specific degree requirements may be waived depending on the applicant's other qualifications).
  • Have knowledge of, and experience in, military subject matter within the CDET curriculum.
  • Have knowledge of the principles, methods, and practices of the case study method; experience in seminar leadership, public speaking, war-gaming, and other techniques of instruction suitable for teaching mid-grade professional military officers.
  • Be a graduate of the appropriate career, intermediate, or senior level school.
  • Have knowledge of the background and development of American military policy from the colonial era to the present, including policies relating to the Marine Corps and other services.
  • Possess desired competencies including organization and planning skills, competence in seminar facilitation, and student evaluation and assessment skills.

If you are interested in becoming an adjunct faculty member, contact your local regional office or the CDET Dean of Academics at (703) 784-0741.

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