Career School Seminar Program

College of Distance Education and Training

The Career School Seminar Program (CSSP) curriculum is parallel to the resident Sergeants School curriculum with the same program outcomes—to prepare Marine staff sergeants to serve as:

  • Sound decision-makers - educated in diverse decision-making processes—who can solve complex problems in dynamic environments in support of the commander’s intent and organizational values.
  • Professional warfighters - educated in the Marine Corps warfighting doctrine with an emphasis on preparing for and the conduct of war—who is knowledgeable of the National Strategic Overview, concepts of Joint Operations, and foundations of operational planning.
  • Ethical leaders - educated in methods to overcome obstacles that affect Marine cohesion and compliance with institutional values and ethics—who mentor and advise subordinates, peers, and junior officers.


Eligibility and Enrollment

The Career School Seminar Program is available to staff sergeants and staff sergeant selects who have completed the Career Course DEP on MarineNet (EPME6000). CSSP (or the resident Career School course) is a PME requirement for promotion from staff sergeant to gunnery sergeant. Read about the enrollment process.


All students will be assigned an instructor and will attend the seminar at a specified location or asynchronously online. CSSP consists of a 15-week program, students meeting one night per week or one weekend per month. The following are CSSP course schedules for each schedule type. Schedules for individual seminars are provided by region.

Completion Benefits

Higher Education

The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends three (3) upper-division bachelor's degree credits in Business Communications and three (3) in Leadership and Ethics.


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