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Continuing Education Program

The Continuing Education program provides professional military education opportunities and experiences to the masses in the following formats:

Scholarly ElectivesScholarly Electives
Web-Based SeminarsWeb-Based Seminars
Audiovisual ProductionsAudiovisual Productions
Battlefield Staff Rides & ToursBattlefield Staff Rides & Tours


The Continuing Education Program is responsible for developing, recording, facilitating, and disseminating professional military educational opportunities and experiences to Marines of all ranks, on a volunteer basis. Its goal is to supplement and enhance lifelong learning efforts and to fill the educational white space often created when a Marine is not actively engaged with formal schools. Additionally, as part of CDET, it seeks to globally disseminate these opportunities and experiences in the most engaging and easily accessible means available via four mediums: Scholarly Electives, Web-Based Seminars, Audiovisual Productions, and Battlefield Staff Rides and Tours.