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Continuing Education Program

The Continuing Education program provides professional military education opportunities and experiences to the masses in the following formats:

The Continuing Education Program is responsible for developing, recording, facilitating, and disseminating professional military educational opportunities and experiences to Marines of all ranks, on a volunteer basis. Its goal is to supplement and enhance lifelong learning efforts and to fill the educational white space often created when a Marine is not actively engaged with formal schools. Additionally, as part of CDET, it seeks to globally disseminate these opportunities and experiences in the most engaging and easily accessible means available via four mediums: scholarly electives, web-based seminars, audiovisual productions, and battlefield staff rides and tours.

Scholarly Electives


These are college level PME courses developed and facilitated by certified subject matter experts in support of 12–18 students. Duration is approximately 9 weeks.


These are pre-packaged PME courses developed by subject matter experts to be facilitated by certified instructors, at the small unit level, in support of 5–10 students. Duration is approximately 5 weeks.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Continuing Education scholarly electives are available on a volunteer basis to all Marines, active and reserve. If you are interested in participating in a scholarly elective and have not received a formal invite via email, complete the interest inventory form, or contact the Continuing Education Program department directly for more information.

Web-based Seminars

These are live and interactive broadcastings of presentations, lectures, and workshops to designated audiences via the web.

More to come.

Audiovisual Productions

These lectures, interviews, and presentations are recorded and made available on MarineNet Video and/or CDET's YouTube channel.

More to come.

Battlefield Staff Rides and Tours

Battlefield Staff Rides

These are historical studies of campaigns and battles. Each is led by subject matter experts and consists of a preliminary study and assignment phase, an extensive field study phase on the actual historic site, and a reflection phase to capture the lessons derived. They support 10–15 students per subject matter expert. Students will be tasked and will be expected participate. Duration is 1 hour for a prep brief and approximately 1 workday for field study and reflection.


These are tours of significant sites or places of interest, led by subject matter experts. They support 15–20 students per subject matter expert. Student participation is minimal. Duration is approximately 1 workday.