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Provides a social community platform with tools to help foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and user involvement across the Marine Corps enterprise. The eLearning Ecosystem users will have the ability to request a Group site, with the intention of building a membership based on organizations and Command relationships.

Communities Quick Facts Guide 

Community Features

Communities provides multiple ways to interact with users around the globe via group features. Users can create, post, like, comment, and view items throughout Communities. These features include:

  • Blog- For distributing news or expressing opinions
  • Calendar- For informing members about events
  • Forum- For discussions and/or asking questions
  • Ideation- For idea generation, discussion, and evaluation
  • Gallery- For uploading files
  • Wiki- For content creation, editing, and deletion
  • Private messaging- For single or multi-user messaging online
  • And more!

Groups & Role Types

Groups can be broken down into subgroups (parent and children). Groups are distinguished by four role types to control visibility and access:

  • Public (open membership) – Content can be seen. You can join this group by clicking the group home page's “Join Group” link and immediately become a member.
  • Public (closed membership) – Content can be seen. With this kind of group, clicking “Join Group” triggers a Request membership dialog box. Here, you type a message to the group owner(s) for your request. You then click “Request membership”.
  • Private (listed) - The group's name appears in the group list; however, its content is not visible to non-group members. Click” Join Group” to trigger a Request membership dialog box. Here, you type a message to the group owner(s) for your request and then click Request membership.
  • Private (unlisted) - Content is private. The group name doesn't appear in the group list. The only way to join it is to receive an email invitation from the owner.

User roles include registered users, members, managers, and owners. Owners and managers have the ability to change the roles of users at any time.

How do I request and create a community?

  1. Submit a community request form and fill out the necessary information using this link.
  2. A Community administrator will contact you and add you to the Communities Training group.
  3. Complete the self-paced Community training course called “Communities Owner/Manager Certification (COOMCERT).”
  4. Upload your certification into the Completed Course Certification gallery and contact the Community administrator to approve your request.


For more information, please join the Communities Training group to review FAQs or submit questions in the forums.

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