CDET Theme and Nav, v3


Glossary of Abbreviations

College of Distance Education and Training

Abbreviations are used throughout our pages. Many of them are specific to CDET.

    1. AAR
      after-action review
    2. ACE
      American Council on Education
    3. ADOS
      active duty for operational support
    4. ASSP
      Advanced School Seminar Program
    5. AWC
      Air War College
    6. AY
      academic year
    1. BAMCIS
      begin planning, arrange reconnaissance, make reconnaissance, complete planning, issue order, and supervise
    2. BSP
      blended seminar program
    3. BTR
      basic training record
    1. CDET
      College of Distance Education and Training
    2. CEME
      College of Enlisted Military Education ("Enlisted College")
    3. CentCom
      Central Command
    4. CEP
      Continuing Education Program
    5. CJCSI
      Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff instruction
    6. CLS
      career-level school
    7. COA
      course of action
    8. CSC
      Command and Staff College
    9. CSCDEP
      Command and Staff College distance education program
    10. CSSP
      Career School Seminar Program
    11. CWO
      chief warrant officer
    12. CY
      calendar year
    13. C2
      Command and Control
    1. DEP
      distance education program
    2. DLAP
      distance learning analysis and planning
    3. DMO
      Distribution Management Office
    4. DoD
      Department of Defense
    1. EABO
      Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations
    2. ECDEP
      Enlisted College distance education program
    3. EDCOM
      Education Command
    4. EDIPI
      electronic data interchange personal identifier (DoD identification number)
    5. EDL
      electronic distance learning
    6. EE
      enhanced scholarly elective
    7. EWS
      Expeditionary Warfare School
    8. EWSDEP
      Expeditionary Warfare School distance education program
    1. FAQ
      frequently asked question
    2. FSTS
      Formal Schools Travel Support
    3. FY
      fiscal year
    1. GE
      general scholarly elective
    1. IDT
      inactive drill training
    2. IED
      improvised explosive device
    3. ILS
      intermediate-level school
    4. IMA
      Individual Mobilization Augmentee
    5. IMI
      interactive multimedia instruction
    6. IMSO
      international military student officer
    7. IRAM
      Marine Corps Individual Records Administration Manual
    8. IRR
      Individual Ready Reserve
    1. JAGMAN
      Judge Advocate General
    2. JRB
      Joint Reserve Base
    3. JPME
      Joint Professional Military Education
    4. JPP
      joint planning process
    5. JSO
      joint specialty officer
    6. JTF
      joint task force
    1. KB
    1. LOCE
      Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment
    2. LRC
      learning resource center
    1. MAGTF
      Marine Air-Ground Task Force
      Marine administrative message
    3. MARFOR
      Marine Corps Forces
      Marine Forces Reserve
    5. MB
    6. MCAGCC
      Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center
    7. MCAS
      Marine Corps Air Station
    8. MCB
      Marine Corps Base
    9. MCC
      monitored command code
    10. MCCS
      Marine Corps Community Services
    11. MCDP
      Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication
    12. MCLB
      Marine Corps Logistics Base
    13. MCO
      Marine Corps Order
    14. MCPP
      Marine Corps Planning Process
    15. MCRD
      Marine Corps Recruit Depot
    16. MCTFS
      Marine Corps Total Force System
    17. MCTIMS
      Marine Corps Training Information Management System
    18. MCTP
      Marine Corps Tactical Publication
    19. MCU
      Marine Corps University
    20. METL
      mission-essential task list
    21. MFR
      Marine Forces Reserve
    22. MMRP
      Manpower Management Records and Performance
    23. MOL
      Marine Online
    24. MOS
      military occupational specialty
    25. MROW
      Marine reported-on worksheets
    26. MVS
      MarineNet Video Service
    27. MWTC
      Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center
    1. NAS
      Naval Air Station
    2. NAVMC
      Navy/Marine Corps
    3. NCO
      noncommissioned officer
    4. NPS
      Naval Postgraduate School
    1. OCONUS
      outside the continental United States
    2. OMPF
      official military personnel file
    3. OPORD
      operation order
    1. PES
      performance evaluation system
    2. PME
      professional military education
    3. PMEDEP
      professional military education distance education program
    4. POC
      point of contact
    1. ROMO
      Range of Military Operations
    2. RCLF
      Regional Culture and Language Familiarization
    3. RLO
      reserve liaison office
    4. RUC
      reporting unit code
    1. SAW
      School of Advanced Warfighting
    2. SMCR
      Selected Marine Corps Reserve
    3. SNCO
      staff noncommissioned officer
    4. SouthCom
      Southern Command
    5. SSSP
      Sergeants School Seminar Program
    6. SWAT
      separate written agreement to train
    1. TECOM
      Training and Education Command
    2. TET
      tactical exercise team
    3. T/O&E
      table of organization and equipment
    4. T&R
      training and readiness
    5. TTP
      tactics, techniques, and procedures
    1. UIC
      unit identification code
    2. URP
      unit readiness planning
    3. USAWC
      U.S. Army War College
    4. USMC
      United States Marine Corps
    5. USNA
      United States Naval Academy