Due to the age of publications, certain works listed are no longer in print. Print-on-demand services are available for some titles upon request.

Complex Terrain
Megacities and the Changing Character of Urban Operations
By Benjamin M. Jensen, Henrik Breitenbauch, and Brandon Valeriano

Marines at War
Stories from Afghanistan and Iraq
By Paolo G. Tripodi and Kelly Frushour


Al-Qaida, the Tribes, and the Government
Lessons and Prospects for Iraq's Unstable Triangle
By Frederick Lorenz and Edward J. Erickson

New Approaches to Nonstate Armed Actor
by Kenneth H. Williams

Rethinking a Middle East in Transition
By Kenneth H. Williams



War, Will, and Warlords
Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan and Pakistan
By Robert M. Cassidy

Al-Qaida after Ten Years of War
A Global Perspective of Successes, Failures, and Prospects
By Norman Cigar and Stephanie Kramer

On the Ground in Afghanistan
Counterinsurgency in Practice
By Jerry Meyerle, Megan Katt, and Jim Gavrilis

Al-Anbar Awakening
American Perspectives/Iraqi Perspectives
U.S. Marines and Counterinsurgency in Iraq, 2004-9
By Colonel Gary W. Montgomery and Chief Warrant Officer-4 Timothy S. McWilliams

Saddam Hussein's Nuclear Vision
An Atomic Shield and Sword for Conquest
By Norman L. Cigar

Counterinsurgency Leadership in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Beyond
By Nicholas J. Schlosser and James M. Caiella