Marine Corps History, is published twice a year on topics within the long history of the Corps: Civil War, Spanish-American War, Banana Wars, WWI, WWII, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and women and minorities in the military. Articles must focus on some aspect of the Corps, either directly or indirectly, including foreign marines and joint operations.


Summer 2016 PDF



Winning Hearts and Minds:
The Marine Corps, the Press, and the Spanish-American War


by Susan K. Brubaker



The U.S. Marines in World War I
Part II: The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Comes to the Fore-

the Marine Corps Reserve Flying Corps

by Colonel Walter G. Ford, USMC (Ret)




Rebellion, Repression, and Reform:
U.S. Marines in the Dominican Republic

by Breanne Robertson, PhD


The Marine Air-Ground Task Force in Nicaragua, 1927-33:
A Campaign against Sandino's Counterinsurgency

by Lieutenant Colonel Micheal D. Russ, USMC



Development of Medical Doctrine for Amphibious Warfare
by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, 1930-35 
Part II

Captain Steven L. Oreck, USN (Ret)


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