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Journal of Advanced Military Studies

vol. 14, no. 1
Spring 2023

The Next Generation of Warfare

In this issue, the authors explore how the United States can remain competitive in various next-generation conflicts, including gray zones; cyber, hybrid and irregular warfare; biological warfare; rethinking doctrine to align with twenty-first century technologies; and other emerging types of conflict and strategies employed by both state and nonstate actors. The authors offer their views from historical, contemporary, and forward-looking perspectives in an effort to encourage discussion but also offer an honest assessment of military capabilities for today and tomorrow.








PART I: The Singleton Paradox: On the Future of Human-Machine Teaming and Potential Disruption of War Itself
Ben Zweibelson, PhD

PART II: Whale Songs of Wars Not Yet Waged: The Demise of Natural-Born Killers through Human-Machine Teamings Yet to Come
Ben Zweibelson, PhD 

Future Warfare and Responsibility Management in the AI-based Military Decision-making Process
Lieutenant Colonel Alessandro Nalin, Italian Army; and Paolo Tripodi, PhD

















Colonel John Boyd’s Thoughts on Disruption: A Useful Effects Spiral from Uncertainty to Chaos
Brian R. Price, PhD

Future Bioterror and Biowarfare Threats for NATO’s Armed Forces until 2030
Dominik Juling

Sovereignty, Cyberspace, and the Emergence of Internet Bubbles
Eldar Haber, PhD; and Lev Topor, PhD

The Nationalization of Cybersecurity: The Potential Effects of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report on the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure
H. Chris Tecklenburg, JD/PhD; and José de Arimatéia da Cruz, PhD/MPH

Including Africa Threat Analysis in Force Design 2030
Glen Segell, PhD

The Deficiency Disparity: The Limit of Systemic Theory and the Need for Strategic Studies in Power Transition Theory
Athahn Steinback and Steven Childs, PhD

Intermediate Force Capabilities: Countering Adversaries across the Competition Continuum
Peter Dobias, PhD; and Kyle Christensen

The Human Weapon System in Gray Zone Competition
Master Sergeant Bonnie L. Rushing, USAF; and Kyleanne Hunter, PhD



“Trying Not to Lose It”: The Allied Disaster in France and the Low Countries, 1940
Richard J. Shuster, PhD


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