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Journal of Advanced Military Studies

vol. 13, no. 2
Fall 2022
Conflict on the Seas

This issue addresses great-power competition on the world’s oceans, not limited to the North Atlantic, Arctic Ocean, the South China Sea, and other contested littoral and oceanic gray zone conflicts. Authors were encouraged to explore this issue from a variety of perspectives—both from allies’ perspectives of the issues they face, the U.S. perspective, the impact of climate change on these conflicts, or even discussions of adversaries’ strategies in issues of strategic importance to the United States and its allies and what can be done to stay competitive in the littorals and gray zones of oceanic great-power conflict in the near and not-too-distant future.‚Äč Collectively, these articles begin to address some of the concepts above while, at the same time, prompting new questions to consider and arguments to debate.










Zumwalt, Holloway, and the Soviet Navy Threat: Leadership in a Time of Strategic, Social, and Cultural Change
John T. Kuehn, PhD

Allies through Thick and Thin: U.S. Navy Strategic Communication, 1986–1994, in Transatlantic Context
Jon-Wyatt Matlack

Neglected Maritime Terrain in the Bay of Bengal: An Examination of the Future of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Major Evan Phillips, USMC

The Port-Hopping War: Littoral and Amphibious Operations in the War of the Pacific, 1879–1884
Tommy Jamison, PhD





The Maritime Silk Road: Concerns for U.S. National Security
Major Lindsey Madero, USA

The Black Sea Thread in Russian Foreign Policy and How the United States Can Respond
Adam Christopher Nettles










Like the Sea, So Cyberspace: A Brief Exploration of Establishing Cyberspace Norms through a Maritime Lens
Lieutenant Commander Travis D. Howard, USN (Ret); and Jose de Arimateia da Cruz, PhD/MPH

The Cyber Sea: Conflict and Security
Major Kevin Doherty, USA

Cyberspace and Naval Power
Matthew J. Flynn, PhD

The Army and Sea Control: Reconsidering Maritime Strategy in the Twenty-first Century
Nathan A. Jennings, PhD


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