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Journal of Advanced Military Studies

vol. 14, no. 2
Fall 2023

Russia, NATO, and the Conflict in Ukraine

In this issue, the authors explore the ongoing conflict in Urkaine, the global impact of Russia's aggression in the region, and the future of conflict for NATO nations. The authors offer their views from historical, contemporary, and forward-looking perspectives in an effort to encourage discussion but also offer an honest assessment of military capabilities for today and tomorrow.



Nataliya Bugayova




















Russia’s War in Ukraine: Two Decisive Factors
Gilbert W. Merkx, PhD

Russia’s Nuclear Strategy: Changes or Continuities
Arushi Singh

Enemy at the Gates: A Strategic Cultural Analysis of Russian Approaches to Conflict in the Information Domain
Nicholas H. Vidal

Revisiting the Global Posture Review: A New U.S. Approach to European Defense and NATO in a Post-Ukraine War World
Major Maxwell Stewart, USMC

The Ethical Character of Russia’s Offensive Cyber Operations in Ukraine: Testing the Principle of Double Effect
Lieutenant Ian A. Clark, USN

The Cold War Computer Arms Race
Captain Bryan Leese, USN, PhD

The Devil’s Advocate: An Argument for Moldova and Ukraine to Seize Transnistria
Anthony Roney II

Tackling Russian Gray Zone Approaches in the Post–Cold War Era
Major Ryan Burkholder, USA

Plan Z: Reassessing Security-Based Accounts of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
Alex Hughes

The Russian Bloodletting Strategy in the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War: From Success to Hubris
Spyridon N. Litsas, PhD

Substitute to War: Questioning the Efficacy of Sanctions on Russia
Brent Lawniczak, PhD























Dying to Learn: Wartime Lessons from the Western Front by Michael A. Hunzeker
Reviewed by Don Thieme, PhD

Intelligence in the National Security Enterprise: An Introduction by Roger Z. George
Reviewed by James A. Bowden

The Islamic State in Africa: The Emergence, Evolution, and Future of the Next Jihadist Battlefront by Jason Warner et al.
Reviewed by Whitney Grespin, PhD

Managing Sex in the U.S. Military: Gender, Identity, and Behavior by Beth Bailey et al.
Reviewed by Joel Blaxland

Power & Complacency: American Survival in an Age of International Competition by Phillip T. Lohaus
Reviewed by Major Mark A. Capansky Jr., USMCR

Russian Practices of Governance in Eurasia: Frontier Power Dynamics, Sixteenth Century to Nineteenth Century by Gulnar T. Kendirbai
Reviewed by Victoria Clement, PhD

The Combat Soldier. Infantry Tactics and Cohesion in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries by Anthony King
Reviewed by Gillis Kersting

The Ledger: Accounting for Failure in Afghanistan by David Kilcullen and Greg Mills
Reviewed by Major Robert D. Billard Jr., USMC

The Third Option: Covert Action and American Foreign Policy by Loch K. Johnson
Reviewed by Anthony Marcum

To Risk it All: Nine Conflicts and the Crucible of Decision by Admiral James Stavridis, USN (Ret)
Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Richard A. McConnell, USA (Ret)

The Trillion Dollar War: The U.S. Effort to Rebuild Afghanistan, 1999–2021 by Abid Amiri
Reviewed by Sangit Sarita Dwivedi


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