Operations and Plans

Vice President for Operations and Plans (VPOP)


The Office of the Vice President for Operations and Plans (VPOP) synchronizes education operations across MCU/EDCOM, oversees the conduct of institutional effectiveness, and supervises the development and implementation of the MCU Strategic Plan in order to integrate the efforts of the diverse entities of the command toward achievement of the institutional mission and strategic vision.

Major Outcomes/Objectives

1.  Education Integration

  • Coordinate cross-functional/organizational actions and info flow.
  • Oversee the design and conduct of an integrated approach to institutional effectiveness across MCU/EDCOM.
  • Integrate and improve MCU internal processes (Quality Process Improvement Boards).
  • Develop and maintain an effective, transparent, collaborative, and responsive organizational structure IOT foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement (MCU Strategic Goal 2).

(Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning)

2.  Operations

  • Synchronize education operations across MCU/EDCOM.
  • Develop an integrated MCU SITREP for Higher Headquarters.
  • Manage the accomplishment of tasks assigned by Higher Headquarters.
  • Prioritize the use and scheduling of MCU facilities.
  • Oversee preparation for major, MCU-level events and publish Letters of Instruction, as required.

3.  Plans

  • Supervise the development, implementation, and assessment of the MCU Strategic Plan.
  • Coordinate development and submission of MCU/EDCOM reporting requirements to support Higher Headquarters strategic planning documents.
  • Oversee the conduct of the MCU President's Planning Council (PPC).
  • Organize and conduct MCU-level Operational Planning Teams (OPTs), as required.

(Director of Plans)

Primary point of contact:

LtCol Robert Johnson, Director of Operations/Deputy VPOP

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