Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning (IRAP)


Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning (IRAP) is responsible for ensuring the University’s ongoing commitment to institutional effectiveness by providing assessment support and guidance. This includes monitoring both direct and indirect measures of achievement, academically and administratively.

The philosophy and functions of Institutional Research at MCU are presented in the Institutional Effectiveness Policy which is updated to reflect the current status of Institutional Research at MCU.

IE Policy


Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning serves as a resource to MCU engaging in the ongoing collection of information supporting systematic assessment and evaluation of both resident and nonresident programs. Included in this mission is the provision of research services which promote the use of relevant, timely and accessible data from which leaders can gain a deeper understanding of issues and conclusions that support decision-making, resource allocation and institutional effectiveness.


  • Assessment Support
    • IRAP provides guidance on a wide range of approaches to the assessment of both academic and administrative direct measures. Information on developing appropriate outcomes and choosing the right measures is available as well as guidance on the selection of tools (rubrics, scales, etc.) to assist in measuring outcomes. MCU's Annual Assessment Report is coordinated and archived by IRAP.


  • Survey Creation and Data Analysis
    • The creation of surveys for indirect measures of student, faculty and staff responses is available as well as compilation of survey data to support decision-making.
  • PPC and Strategic Planning Support
    • Coordination of the President’s Planning Council (PPC) meetings is conducted by IRAP as well as the development of Strategic Planning initiatives and publications.
  • MCU Publications
    • Factbook
      • The MCU Factbook is an annual publication with compiles critical data representing the University such as student enrollment, budget, programs and affiliate organizations.
      • Factbook
    • Strategic Plan
      • The MCU Strategic Plan is a published document presenting the University's five-year model for achieving strategic goals and objectives.
      • Strategic Plan
  • IRB Oversight and Guidance
    • As an active source of research initiatives, MCU fosters the ethical and responsible conduct of research by providing oversight to ensure that the safeguards and protections associated with human subject research are observed.
    • USMC HRPP site

Primary Point of Contact 

Amy Gilason

Acting Director Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning


Marine Corps University