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Coaching:  A process of on-going observation and encouragement of a Marine’s personal and professional growth

Part of daily operations

Provides feedback on an informal basis

Sets, documents, and communicates goals

Focused on development

NOT part of a Marine’s evaluation



MARADMIN 394/16 comes directly from the Commandant, who stresses the importance that Marine leaders at all levels perform counseling those under their charge as part of a regimen of engaged leadership.  The Commandant makes clear that engaged leadership is "what sets Marines apart" from the other Services, and that is why all Marine leaders have a responsibility to their subordinates to "teach, coach, and mentor" the Marines under their charge.  The MARADMIN also highlights the importance of the leadership "team" - that is, although one leader may be responsible for ultimately writing performance evaluations, it takes an engaged team of leaders to ensure that proper counseling is completed; that all Marines have a planned and programmatic approach to their own development, which includes setting goals and achieving everything within his or her potential.  Finally, echoing the wisdom of General Lejeune, MARADMIN 394/16 highlights the need of Marines to be developed holistically, and that development should touch every aspect of a Marine's personal and professional life.  As examples of this concept of holism, the MARDAMIN provides personal finance, civilian education opportunities, as well as the importance of ensuring that Marine families are well taken care of, and are apprised of all the services that they are entitled. 


Coaching and Counseling Materials

Need coaching and counseling ideas and materials?  Effective coaching and counseling has a profound effect on Marines, units, the Corps.  It is part of the inseparable bond between the leader and led at all levels.  Coaching and Counseling is a process of two-way communication between senior and junior to help the junior achieve and maintain the highest possible level of performance.  Below are Service publications, other publications, and tools to help seniors at all levels execute proper coaching and counseling.

 Leadership Development Notebook (Long)

  Leadership Development Notebook (Short)




Sample First Coaching and Counseling Form 

This is a sample product ready-to-use for small unit leaders to perform coaching and counseling with their subordinates on the first occasion.

Coaching and Counseling



  Sample Second Subsequent Coaching Form

  Sample Second Subsequent Counseling Form


Coaching and Marine Leader Development