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Journal of Advanced Military Studies

Spring 2021
vol. 12, no. 1

Information Warfare and Propaganda

In early 2020, when the editors and the Marine Corps University Press editorial board were planning for the 2021 Journal of Advanced Military Studies (JAMS) publishing schedule, we could not have predicted the events that would unfold during that time—a global pandemic killing thousands of people per day, massive unemployment, voter fraud conspiracy theories, and a seditious attack on the U.S. Capitol. We can only point to the fortuitous nature of publishing that we are able to bring you this issue of JAMS on information warfare and propaganda at a time when readers need reliable information most.








Political Warfare and Propaganda: An Introduction  

   James J. F. Forest, PhD

Fake News for the Resistance: The OSS and the Nexus of Psychological Warfare and Resistance Operations in World War II

   Daniel de Wit














All Women Belong in the Kitchen, and Other Dangerous Tropes: Online Misogyny as a National Security Threat

    Kyleanne Hunter, PhD, and Emma Jouenne

Consistency of Civil-Military Relations in the Israel Defense Forces: The Defensive Mode in Cyber

    Glen Segell, PhD

Russian Cyber Information Warfare: International Distribution and Domestic Control

    Lev Topor, PhD, and Alexander Tabachnik, PhD

Propagandized Adversary Populations in a War of Ideas

    Donald M. Bishop

Social Antiaccess/Area-Denial (Social A2/AD)

    Colonel Phil Zeman, USMC






Representation of Armed Forces through Cinematic and Animated Pieces: Case Studies

    Michael Cserkits, PhD

Streaming the Battlefield: A Theory of the Internet’s Effect on Negotiation Onset 

    First Lieutenant Anthony Patrick, USMC


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